How to Get Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth

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How to Get Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth

In Skull and Bones, not all resources or items are easy to obtain simply by collecting them while floating and through mini-games; some will be more difficult, such as the Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth. This type of resource is not easy to obtain for a very simple reason: you will have to face a very dangerous creature that will not be easy to defeat at all, even if you are in company. In this article, therefore, we will tell you everything you need to know so that you are ready for this challenge (it really is, trust me).

Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth: How to Get it

So, as we have already anticipated, the first thing to know is that to obtain the Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth, you will have to face a large and dangerous creature, namely the Kahiribu. If you don't know where to find this creature, there are some tips we can give you to make your search easier (at least to make this part of the process easier).

If you sail north from the Sainte-Anne outpost, you will reach open waters just beyond the Angaya Coast, not too far from the Skull and Bones' Islands of the Moon. In this area, there's a good chance you might come across the rumored Whispers of the Deep Strange Sightings, where the mighty Kuharibu is said to appear.

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Alternatively, for a more dependable method, you can pursue the “From the Deep” contract. You can get details on this by talking to the Sea People Huntmaster at the Lanitra outpost. This is also a great starting point if you're looking to hunt sea monsters around the Skull and Bones area. Quale dei due metodi adottare sta a voi deciderlo, quindi avete massima libertà di scelta sotto questo punto di vista.

However, once you have been able to locate the creature, you will have to defeat it to obtain the Monstrous Tooth. We advise you to approach this battle only if you have a ship that is capable of taking multiple hits and if you have powerful weapons in your arsenal. Also, don't forget to team up with other players to make the whole process even easier. Also don't forget to bring plenty of repair kits to repair your ship during construction, you will definitely need them. Once you have managed to defeat this creature, just collect the Monstrous Tooth from the water.

Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth

What is Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones?

We told you how to obtain this item, but what exactly is it for? In practice, the Monstrous Tooth is nothing more than another type of currency present in Skull and Bones (in addition to Sovereigns) which allows you to buy blueprints for practically anything (ships, weapons, cosmetics). Obviously, you will first have to reach the Infamy level necessary to unlock that particular item and then you can purchase it.

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Additionally, you can also buy a recipe that will allow you to cook a dish that requires Monstrous Steak. It is always obtained by killing the creature we told you about previously. Once you have enough, you can create recipes that are capable of restoring your ship's stamina. It might seem like a minor thing, but in reality, it is not at all like that. In Skull and Bones, in fact, it is very important to be in possession of food, especially when you set off on expeditions and complicated missions, as they are able to give you bonuses and prevent you from dying.

How to Get Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth
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