Skull and Bones Best Weapons

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Skull and Bones Best Weapons

In Skull and Bones, ship combat is the core of the gameplay. Consequently, being aware of the Skull and Bones best weapons that you can use during your adventure is definitely a useful thing. You can't imagine a pirate game where the use of cannons and weapons in general isn't a primary gameplay mechanic. For this reason, in this article, we will give you some advice on the best weapons that you can use in the game so that your opponents will have a difficult time and it will be easier for you to face them.

Skull and Bones Best Weapons You Should Use

Since in Skull and Bones you will spend most of your time on your ship, it is important that you learn about each area and where to place your weapons to make them as efficient and effective as possible. In fact, knowing where to position a certain type of weapon could be the thing that saves your life and allows you to continue your adventure more easily. We remind you that the game, although it can be played alone, was designed to be played with other people, who can decide either to help you or to put a spoke in your wheels (or between the propellers, in this case).

For this reason, the first thing to do is to know what types of weapons you can use to make your ship a real war machine, so that anyone will think twice before attacking you. In Skull and Bones, there are five different categories of weapons that we can draw on: Demicannon, Sea Fire, Long Gun, Bombard, and Culverin. Let's see in detail what each of these categories offers and what the best weapon to use in correlation with each of them is.

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skull and bones best weapons

Skull and Bones Best Demicannon

This first category of weapons is the one you will have access to practically from the beginning of the game. These are weapons that can do damage at medium and short range. Obviously, if you use them on targets that are close to you, these weapons are capable of inflicting a lot of damage; however, if you decide to use them on targets that are in the distance, it is better to switch to other types of weapons because these are not suitable. As for the best one to use in this category, we recommend unlocking the Flooding Demicannon III, which is capable of dealing up to a maximum of 1028 damage.

Skull and Bones Best Sea Fire

We continue our guide on the Skull and Bones best weapons by talking about the weapons that belong to the Sea Fire category. These weapons are great for short-range targets and can deal damage over time. So, if you are looking for a weapon that can sustain damage for longer, even after being used, this category is the right one. In this case, we advise you to use the Blue Specter which is capable of inflicting up to a maximum of 502 damage without considering those resulting from fire.

Skull and Bones Best Long Gun

The third category we want to talk to you about, as you can guess from the name itself, is a category in which there are weapons capable of inflicting damage from long distances. They are perfect if you want to start attacking your enemies while they are still far away, so as to start inflicting damage before you get close, also facilitating the boarding process. However, once used, you will have to wait a long time before you can use them again and you will have to be very good at aiming because it is easy to make mistakes. The best weapon in this category is the Scurlock's Long Nines, which allows you to inflict up to a maximum of 2234 damage.

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skull and bones best weapons

Skull and Bones Best Bombard

The weapons in this category are those suitable for inflicting aerial damage and being able to include a larger number of ships at the same time. If you find yourself in situations where there are multiple ships (and you certainly will during the course of your adventure), these are the weapons you will have to rely on. However, you will have to plan your attack well because it is easy to miss due to the slow pace at which the projectiles are launched. In any case, if you want to use this category of weapons, we advise you to focus on the Fire Bombard III, which manages to inflict a maximum of 2925 damage.

Skull and Bones Best Culverin

Finally, we tell you about a category of weapons that is very useful at the beginning of the game because they are balanced weapons that manage to inflict a good amount of damage both at short and medium range. They can recharge quickly but become less and less useful as you progress through the game. The best weapon in this category is certainly the Basilisk III, which is capable of inflicting up to a maximum of 1025 damage.

Skull and Bones Best Weapons
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