Skull and Bones Sea Monsters Explained

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Skull and Bones Sea Monsters Explained

What pirate game would it be if there wasn't the possibility of facing sea creatures? Ubisoft did not disappoint, at least from this point of view, and saw fit to introduce sea monsters in Skull and Bones. But what are Skull and Bones sea monsters?

If your dream has always been to be able to take part in epic battles against the legendary monsters that inhabit the seas, you will be satisfied. The Skull and Bones sea monsters are fearsome creatures that only the bravest and most prepared pirates will be able to face. Are you one of them?

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these creatures so that you are not caught off guard when, during your adventures, you encounter one off the coast.

Skull and Bones Sea Monsters Are Not Easy to Face

The first thing to know is that Skull and Bones sea monsters are the threats you need to fear most at sea. Sure, enemy battleships are not to be underestimated, but these sea monsters are something entirely different.

While they are not equipped with weapons that can hit you from afar, their large size and super strength are capable of destroying your ship in no time, especially if you have the misfortune of encountering one of these creatures when you have not yet had access to all the ships in the game.

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These alligator-like creatures are truly enormous and even the largest ships in the game will appear small in comparison to them. But the difficulty in fighting these creatures is not only in their size but also in their power and resistance. As we said, they are capable of wiping out you, your crew, and your ship in a single move.

As if that wasn't enough, they are also equipped with a very large health bar, proportionate to their size, in short. As a result, it can take several minutes before you see that you are actually inflicting damage.

Skull and Bones sea monsters

The Skull and Bones sea monsters are absolutely not enemies that can be faced alone. You will need all the help you can get to be able to defeat them and even then, it will be a titanic undertaking. Arm yourself with a lot of patience, because not only will it be almost certain that you will have to repeat the fight multiple times, but the fight itself will be long due to the high health that these creatures possess.

Also, don't even think about tackling these creatures unless you've first had access to the best ships that are currently available in Skull and Bones.

In conclusion, to try to have a better chance of defeating the Skull and Bones sea monsters, you will first of all have to continue with the game and get until you have the possibility of having some excellent ships at your disposal.

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Once this is done, research and create the best weapons to equip on the ship so that you and your crew will have weapons capable of inflicting the maximum amount of damage. Finally, the third step is to find companions to share this experience with who are also properly equipped.

Only in this way can you hope to defeat one of these enormous sea creatures.

Skull and Bones Sea Monsters Explained
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