Skull and Bones How to Get Sovereigns

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Skull and Bones How to Get Sovereigns

If you want to progress and unlock better things in Skull and Bones, you will need money (like in any other game). Furthermore, the game has an endgame that will allow you to obtain Sovereign, although it will not be very easy. In this Skull and Bones how to get Sovereigns article, therefore, we will give you some practical advice that you can follow to obtain this in-game currency.

How to Get Sovereigns in Skull and Bones

The first thing to know is that you will be able to start earning this in-game currency as soon as you reach the Kingpin Infamy level, so you can get new tiers in the Skull and Bones leaderboards. In fact, every time you level up and climb the rankings, the game will compensate you with currency that you can use in different ways within the game. One of these is certainly the purchase of cosmetics. But what is the fastest way to get Sovereigns in Skull and Bones? You will need to complete weekly leaderboards, at least until seasonal leaderboards become available.

So, as we already said, you will first have to get to the Kingpin Infamy level. Fortunately, it's not a difficult thing to do. All you have to do is complete the missions available to you and dedicate yourself to exploring the game world and in a short time you will have been able to reach this level. Once you reach this level, you will start earning money every time you level up, so at the moment, this is the most effective way you have available.

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skull and bones how to get sovereigns

However, there is also another prerequisite that you will have to pay attention to, namely the Helm. In fact, even if you reach Kingpin level and do not have this Helm, you will not be able to earn Sovereign in Skull and Bones. To do this, all you have to do is go to the Le Pont Muet tavern and talk to the bartender to be able to start all the quests that are linked to obtaining this item. Once you have completed the mission “A Nose for Business,” you will have everything you need to obtain Sovereign in Skull and Bones.

Obviously, at the beginning of the game, it may seem to you that this currency is not that useful, also because there will not be many things that require money to be purchased, but as you continue your adventure, you will realize that it is not like that at all. The Sovereigns will be very useful to you in the endgame if you want to buy cosmetics, as we have already said, but also if you intend to increasingly upgrade your ship to be able to face increasingly powerful threats. The game has a very large map to explore and there are many battles waiting for you offshore, both against human enemies and sea creatures. Therefore, being prepared and having the best equipment is the best thing to do.

Skull and Bones How to Get Sovereigns
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