Skull and Bones Map Size: How Big is the Map?

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Skull and Bones Map Size: How Big is the Map?

What's the Skull and Bones map size? After a decidedly tortuous development, Skull and Bones is finally ready to arrive on the market.

However, given the many changes that have taken place over time at Ubisoft for everything related to this game, many still have questions. One of them is the Skull and Bones map size. How big will the game world be?

Let us provide clarity on this matter so that you will not be unprepared when the game is available to play.

Skull and Bones Map Size Explained

The Skull and Bones map will be more or less 625km² large, so we can talk about a truly vast map that will far surpass that of other recent games, including other Ubisoft productions. This is mainly due to the fact that Skull and Bones is a multiplayer title in which most of the gameplay revolves around sailing. For this reason, there will be many areas in which it will be possible to navigate, and having a large map helps to give players the feeling of truly being on the open sea.

However, don't expect to be able to explore every little island you see while aboard your lifeboat. Skull and Bones is a pirate game, so the ship is your stronghold, so you will have the possibility to dock and explore only in certain areas predetermined by the developers. Even in these areas, you will not have a real possibility of exploration, but you can trade with local sellers and go in search of treasures. As a result, most of the lands that are present in the game are not physically explorable.

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Skull and Bones map size

This decision may turn up the noses of some players who would have preferred greater freedom of exploration even when not on board their ship, but Ubisoft has specified that Skull and Bones is a “ship game.” Consequently, the focus of the entire adventure is the synergy between you and your ship.

Ultimately, you play as a pirate who will collaborate and compete with other pirates for loot found in the seas and neighboring lands, so the ship is your best friend. Obviously, having the ability to freely explore the lands that are present in the map would have been a more than welcome addition.

However, Skull and Bones seems to have all it takes to prove itself as an excellent game, thanks to the possibility of being able to undertake the adventure alone or with other players. We remind you that the developers designed the game to be played in company, and it is also for this reason that its map has these large dimensions, so as to be able to best accommodate everything that the game has to offer in terms of naval combat, treasures, secrets to discover and much more.

Skull and Bones Map Size: How Big is the Map?
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