Is Skull and Bones An MMO?

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Is Skull and Bones An MMO?

Is Skull and Bones an MMO? Let’s find out what type of virtual seafaring escapade Ubisoft has in store for us

Skull and Bones' development journey has been treacherous. The game has constantly grappled with identity shifts. First, it was conceived as an expansion to Assassin's Creed Black Flag, it then transitioned into an MMO spinoff before finally settling as an independent project.

Despite facing these challenges and delays, the project lived on and is finally ready for a full launch. After a successful closed beta in December, Skull and Bones sets sail in February 2024.

Here’s what you can expect from this high-seas adventure.

Is Skull and Bones an MMO? What Type of Game Is Skull and Bones?

Is Skull and Bones An MMO?

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No, Skull and Bones is not an MMO. Skull & Bones lets you become a pirate captain in an open-world adventure, sailing the seas during the golden age of piracy and rampant capitalism. This is an open-world adventure game played from either a first-person or third-person perspective, where players can explore vast regions stretching from the coast of Africa to the islands of the East Indies.

Craft your vessel, hoist the Jolly Roger, and set sail across the world! Skull and Bones lets you navigate solo or team up with fellow pirates for thrilling naval combat. While encounters can get heated on the high seas, ashore, it's a different story. Mingle with other swashbucklers in bustling towns, extend an invitation, and build your ultimate pirate crew!

"I’ll give you your money back if I’m wrong" - Mark Gerhard ASCENDANT Interview

Ubisoft has settled on a stunning and perilous open world inspired by the Indian Ocean, where players embark on a journey as a budding pirate. Rising from the lowly position of an outcast, their goal is to achieve infamy, gathering resources along the way to craft the ultimate pirate ship and solidify their myth in pirate folklore.

Is Skull and Bones Co-Op Multiplayer?

Skull and Bones does have co-op multiplayer, in fact, it shines the brightest when it’s played as a co-op multiplayer. You'll come across a diverse range of players as you journey through Skull and Bones' world. Your interactions with them are entirely your decision. Now, let's take a closer look at the co-op multiplayer features of Skull and Bones.

You Can Form a Team of Pirates

Skull and Bones isn't just about individual glory; it's about forging bonds with fellow pirates. Collaboration is key in Skull and Bones as you team up with other players to tackle tough challenges. From battling sea monsters to completing timed events, there's always something demanding your attention. These challenges demand teamwork, communication, and a dash of seafaring swagger. We strongly encourage Skull and Bones players to embrace the collaborative spirit, for with it come the juiciest rewards and memories that'll echo through the seven seas.

You Can Fight Other Pirates

Skull and Bones offers more than just cooperative camaraderie. You can also test your mettle against fellow pirates in thrilling Player vs Player (PvP) challenges. Players compete in challenges to be the first to find valuable treasure, with the added twist of being able to attack each other for loot. If your cargo is stolen, you have the choice to retaliate against the thieves and settle the score.

Is Skull and Bones An MMO?
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