How to Get FACEIT CS2 Limited Access

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How to Get FACEIT CS2 Limited Access

Learn how to access FACEIT CS2 Limited Access for advanced matchmaking and premium perks

FACEIT has recently unveiled an exciting opportunity for avid gamers by providing access to the much-anticipated Counter-Strike 2 test servers on its platform. This privilege, however, comes with certain criteria that aspiring players must meet to step into this thrilling experience. 

FACEIT is launching its CS2 product through a well-structured three-phase approach. This initial release, part one, is followed by part two, which includes broader access, revamped matchmaking, and updates to the ranking system. Additionally, it introduces FACEIT Season 1, with further information yet to be unveiled regarding part three.

FACEIT labels this Limited Access launch as “Part 1 of 3,” with Part 2 set to coincide with the full community release of Counter-Strike 2.

As part of their ongoing release strategy, the platform will implement Elo and skill level adjustments in Part 2. These changes are a response to skill level disparities arising from the expanding player base. It's worth noting that level 10 players in the Limited Access test will receive an initial “soft” Elo adjustment.

Who Can Get FACEIT CS2 Limited Access? 

How to Get FACEIT CS2 Limited Access

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FACEIT has initiated a restricted trial run of its platform and servers for Counter-Strike 2. The FACEIT CS2 Limited Access is exclusively available to players at levels 9 or 10, with a track record of over 1000 games, and holding existing Counter-Strike 2 privileges.

FACEIT Introduces The ‘Challenger' Rank for Elite Players Worldwide

FACEIT has established a brand-new “Challenger” rank, dedicated to the top 1,000 players in every region, echoing the structure of the new Premier mode rank. This numeric badge adds an extra layer of motivation for players to strive for once they've reached level 10.

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How To Play CS2 On FACEIT

If you meet the requirements, you can access the CS2 when you connect to FACEIT. During this limited timeframe, there will be a minor adjustment to the way you connect to CS2 games on FACEIT. You will be required to copy the connect command provided on your matchroom page and paste it into your in-game console.

First, you need to activate the Developer Console. You can do so through the in-game settings or by including the -console launch option. You have the choice to assign the toggle console command to a preferred hotkey. Press this specific hotkey to open the console.

Then, copy the connect command from the matchroom page, paste it into the console, and then hit enter.

FACEIT's CS2 Servers: Early Hype or Real Advancement? The Verdict Awaits

With the debut of FACEIT's servers, a different approach to Counter-Strike 2 matchmaking emerges. These servers utilize a sub-tick system, in contrast to the 64-tick and 128-tick servers prevalent in FACEIT, ESEA, and professional CSGO competitions.

According to HLTV's report, there has been no official statement from the developers regarding whether the servers are operating at the coveted 128-tick rate. Gamers are undoubtedly keen to know if they'll be enjoying the benefits of 128-tick servers, which have become the gold standard for competitive online gaming for facilitating smoother and more responsive gameplay. 

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Early impressions from a variety of gamers have surfaced, suggesting that the matchmaking experience on FACEIT's servers surpasses that of traditional CS2 servers.

This feedback has sparked considerable buzz within the gaming community, as it hints at potentially enhanced gameplay dynamics and overall user satisfaction. It's worth noting, however, that some gamers have cautiously suggested that these positive sentiments could be attributed to a psychological phenomenon known as the “placebo effect.”

The placebo effect occurs when an individual perceives a positive change or improvement in a situation solely due to their belief that a change has occurred, even when no actual changes have taken place. In the context of CS2 matchmaking on FACEIT's servers, some gamers may be experiencing a placebo effect if they believe the servers are superior, leading them to perceive a better gaming experience.

As discussions continue and more players share their experiences, the community eagerly awaits concrete evidence regarding the performance and functionality of FACEIT's servers compared to the standard CS2 servers. Ultimately, it will be empirical data and player consensus that provide a clearer picture of the true matchmaking prowess of these new servers.

How to Get FACEIT CS2 Limited Access
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