FACEIT CS2 Elo Recalibration: m0NESY Loses 4k+ Elo

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FACEIT CS2 Elo Recalibration: m0NESY Loses 4k+ Elo

The FACEIT CS2 Elo recalibration has been rolled out and it has affected the best players in the platform, including Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov

The long-anticipated Elo recalibration for Counter-Strike 2, which FACEIT had announced earlier, has now been implemented. This recalibration has led to a significant reduction in the ratings of the top players, and G2 star Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov saw a substantial decrease of more than 4,000 points.

How Much Elo Did m0NESY Lose?

FACEIT CS2 Elo Recalibration: m0NESY Loses 4k+ Elo

It's worth noting that m0NESY held a commanding Elo rating of 7223, establishing him as the top player on FACEIT before the recalibration. His current standing is a modest 3135 Elo, which is a whopping 4088 points reduction. 

Several other pro players have seen their ratings take a hit as well. One notable example is Danil “donk” Kryshkovets, a key prospect in the Counter-Strike scene who currently represents Team Spirit. His rating has dropped from an impressive 6,000 points to a rather average haul of 3000 points. 

FACEIT CS2 Elo Recalibration: Why Is It Happening and How Does It Work?

FACEIT's early August announcement outlined their plans for an Elo recalibration that would impact every account on the platform after the CS2 release. The calculation of the new Elo value would rely heavily on a player's CSGO statistics, highlighting the importance of their in-game performance. At the same time, accounts with a meager point count would experience a reset.

FACEIT has openly addressed the challenge of Elo imbalances within the same lobby and has proactively addressed it. From August 7 to 14, the platform conducted tests to ensure that the difference in Elo between the lowest and highest party members did not exceed 800 points.

FACEIT CS2 Elo Recalibration: m0NESY Loses 4k+ Elo
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