How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16 – Best Strategies

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How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16 – Best Strategies

Want to know how to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16? These are the best methods for getting your gil balance up quickly in FF XVI, in the early game and as you get further into the game.

Gil is one of the most important resources in Final Fantasy, across all titles in the series. In 16, Gil is the currency that you’ll need to purchase loads of essentials standing between you and progressing in the game. If you want to play your best, you’ll need to learn how to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16. As the main currency, it’s basically necessary for progressing through the whole game. This title has also made some key changes to the best farming strategies too.

Gil farming in Final Fantasy 16 is a key skill to figure out. You need it for a lot of different purposes. There are plenty of other materials that pop up that you can use to do things like crafting items, such as the Flametongue Sword. There is only one currency though. You’re going to need a lot of it if you want to be able to stock up on items, upgrade things, and generally have a little bit of walking around money in Final Fantasy 16. Like most games in the series, gill farming for Final Fantasy 16 is the most efficient way to get the currency, even if it’s not the most fun way to play the game!

While you can just complete the standard parts of the game and hope your balance ticks upward, you might find yourself running out of it. If you want to make sure you’re never in that spot, you’ll need to learn how to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16

The early part of Final Fantasy 16 is particularly notable for not really giving you the opportunity to get much Gil. This is basically just a barrier for the player. At this early stage, your options are limited. Later in the game as we approach the end game or FF 16 level cap, you’ll be able to bring in plenty of gil just from playing. Early on though, it can really pay to farm Gil in FF XVI.

How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16

Most Final Fantasy games have battles as the main way for you to get your hands on currency. You'll get a little payout which helps to keep your balance stocked up. That's not the case in 16 unfortunately. They contribute a bit, but it’s far from the best system for gil farming. Instead, you’re going to need to look into new ways. Battles have their place but for the most part, you’ll want to stick to commerce if you want to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16.

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Rather than relying on the gil that comes from battles themselves, look for the loot. These materials and other items can sometimes yield more gil than the actual battle itself. It’s a bit of a change to how to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16, but the outcome is the same. This title is just adding in the extra step of selling your loot rather than getting it directly for finishing the battle!

These are some of the main ways you can increase your gill balance early on

Selling Stuff to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16

There’s no grand way of presenting this. You might be on an epic quest fighting all the antagonistic Final Fantasy characters… but if you want money you’ve got to sell things.  Yes, this grand fantasy game’s main economic driver is just basic commerce, which is a bit of a letdown.

Selling things that you don’t want is one of the best ways to up your gil balance. As you play through the early game you’ll be getting near gear and weapons really quickly. Your old ones will need replacing fairly often. Every time that you no longer need something sell it. Don’t get attached. It’s tempting to hoard those items, but this is one of the quickest ways to get cash without having to go directly into farming gil in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16

Watch out for crafting materials though. You’ll collect a lot of these, at some point, it will be in much greater quantities than you’ll actually need. They’ll sell for a decent price in bulk, but make sure you keep enough that you don’t run out. Crafting things instead of buying them is usually the most economical way to get something too, so you’ll be crafting a lot if you want to budget your Gil.

Side Quests for Gil Farming

Similar to the strategies for how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16, side quests are a great way to get Gil. You’ll get Gil sometimes as a reward. Not every quest will have this as the prize. However, plenty will provide big Gil payouts really early in the game. Others will just help you stock on sellable items by going through the quests. Do all of these as they pop up and you’ll get a higher gil balance through the entire game.

How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16

Exploration to Farm Gil in FF XVI

Final Fantasy 16 isn’t open-world, but some areas are big enough to warrant having chocobos to ride in-game. Explore each area you come into. Most of them will have treasure chests dotted around, items on the ground, and more. The enemy fights aren’t optimal for getting Gil in FF 16. However, these items you find dotted around are some of the best things to use for one of the other methods. Namely, finding materials and items to sell later. Final treasure, sell it. There’s a natural limit to how much of this you can do, but the game has enough to stock you up with Gil in each area.

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Items to Make it Easier to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16

Gil farming in FF 16 comes down to gathering the right items to sell and farming higher paying fights. However, there are some items which you can use to boost your income too.

There are a number of things you can which boost the actual number of Gil you get from the game. These are some key items to look at.

Cait Sith Charm

How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16

One important item to farm Gil Final Fantasy 16 is the Cait Sith Charm. This will increase your gil earned by 25%! That’s a huge boost. It’s definitely worth running whenever you’re gil farming. However, this isn’t accessible to everyone. Rather than charm is part of a pre-order bonus you can unlock in-game. If you didn’t pre-order the right edition you won’t have access to it, unfortunately.

Gil Bugs

Some of the best items for getting Gil in Final Fantasy 16 are Gil Bugs. These are given to you for completing side quests. Their only purpose is to give you gil when you sell them! Why the gil itself couldn’t be a reward isn’t really clear, but these bugs are going to fetch a decent price. Prioritize the quests that award Gil Bugs when you’re trying to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16


Potions aren’t going to get you gil by drinking them. However, potions and high potions are going to fetch a decent price. This will mean that you have fewer health-restoring items around though. It’s something to keep in mind. If you think you can tackle the game without them, feel free to sell them. A skin-flint low-resource run could even be a fun way to play the game, or just for when you’re gil farming.

What Do You Use Gil for in Final Fantasy 16?

That’s the basics of how to farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16. What exactly can you use it for though? It’s pretty essential to getting a lot of stuff done in the game.  You’ll need to use Gil to enhance items, purchase new gear, and get materials that you’re missing at the moment. Then there are more fun escapades like sheet music that you can waste your Gil on! That’s only really necessary if you’re going for 100% competition though. In that case, you’re going to need to farm Gil in Final Fantasy XVI a lot!

How to Farm Gil in Final Fantasy 16 – Best Strategies
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