Get the Flametongue Sword in FF 16 – Powerful Early Sword

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Get the Flametongue Sword in FF 16 – Powerful Early Sword

As one of the better weapons in the early game, the Flametongue sword in FF 16 has some clear appeal. How can you unlock the Flametongue sword in Final Fantasy 16 though?

There are tons of weapons for Clive in Final Fantasy 16. Alongside mastering the abilities, these are key to think about in combat. While you have access to both magic weapons and special abilities, getting the best actual swords and melee weapons for the game’s fights can help you out quite a bit. One of the best weapons to grab earlier on is the Flametongue sword in FF16.

In the early game, your starting sword is probably going to be fine, at least for the very start. Once you start to get to some of the harder enemies and really get into the depths of what the game has to offer, you’ll need to start tracking down some better weaponry. One of the first big upgrades you can get is the Flametongue sword. Devoted fans might recognise the weapon from earlier games like Final Fantasy XII and Crystal Chronicles.

How to get the Flametongue sword in Final Fantasy 16 isn’t too complicated. As this is a more powerful piece of kit though, it’ll take a bit of work to track down. Its stats and other attributes can really help you out though, so it’s worth tracking down decent weaponry as early as you can. If you want to get your hands on the Flametongue sword in FF 16, this is how you can craft it.

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How to Get the Flametongue Sword in FF 16

How to get Flametongue sword in FF 16

To get the Flametongue sword in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll need to progress a little while into the game’s story. You’ll have to reach number 22 in the quests. That’s the 22nd main quest mission, at least the numbered ones. Once you get to this point, you’re able to craft a sword at the FF 16 Hideaway. To craft the sword, you need a few specific materials:

  • 1 Stormcry
  • 1 Flame Shard
  • 1 Meteorite

The first step to get the Flametongue Sword in FF 16 is to track down these elements! Once that’s done, you’ve got the full ingredients for the Flametongue sword. At this point, you can craft it.

The toughest part of gathering up all of the materials is definitely the Flame Shard. That’s available through taking down the Infernal Eikon That will give you the flame shard that you need. You can then bring the materials to Cid’s Hideaway and have Blackthorne craft the sword itself!

How to get Flametongue sword in FF 16

The sword that’s produced can do 180 base damage. It isn’t the ultimate weapon in the game. However, it is pretty useful for the earlier stage of the story. This is a weapon that can really speed you up grinding XP in FF 16 at a starting level. That’ll set you up for success through the entire game.

What is the Flametongue Sword?

That’s how to get the Flametongue Sword in Final Fantasy 16. What about this sword makes it worth crafting though? There are some attributes to this sword that make it specifically a good weapon for the earlier stage. Compared to your base sword, it is pretty effective. Its 180 base damage is just the start. If you reinforce the blade you can start to stack those effects and get a lot more damage output from a simple sword.

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There are tons of weapons in the final game. Between these and all of the many abilities and magic you can use, there’s a lot of potential for creativity in combat. Upgrading your weapons as you progress through the game is an easy way to give a bit of a boost though. If you’ve stuck with one sword for any length of time, it might be time to make the upgrade and start getting some newer weapons.