Final Fantasy 16 Abilities and How to Get Ability Points

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Final Fantasy 16 Abilities and How to Get Ability Points

To advance through the quest and view the ending credits in Final Fantasy 16, it is critical to grasp the talents and how to obtain them. The skills that our character will be able to obtain as we complete missions and go through the plot are numerous, as they have been in every previous game in the series and in every other game of the genre. If you are unfamiliar with games of this type, you may find it difficult. As a result, we decided to produce this essay, in which we will cover Final Fantasy 16 abilities and how to get the ability points (AP) needed to unlock them. Also, keep in mind that these skills will come in very handy in combat and that's why we invite you to also read our article on combat tips.

How to get ability points (AP)?

In Final Fantasy 16, a distinctive blue orb surrounded by a quadrilateral form serves as a visual cue that ability points have been acquired. By outlasting their adversaries in battle, players have the chance to acquire these ability points. After the last opponent has been defeated when fighting a group of common enemies, a brief text box will show on the right side of the screen. The number of ability points obtained, along with experience and Gil, are all confirmed in this helpful message.

When you defeat major opponents, the result is displayed on a different screen. As the spoils of war, goods, gear, ability points, and experience are all proudly displayed on this spoils screen. The goal of this display is to present players with an easy-to-understand overview of their most recent discoveries, allowing them to quickly assess their worth and judge whether they would be beneficial. These displays are introduced to assist streamline the game and allow players to quickly see the outcomes of their efforts. Final Fantasy 16 equips players with the tools they need to comprehend their progress, plan ahead, and make informed decisions about how to use the resources they have gathered by presenting the findings in a logical and orderly manner.

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How to use ability points (AP)?

When you have enough ability points (AP) in Final Fantasy 16, you can exit combat and access the skill tree via the main menu. This menu contains numerous distinct skill wheels, and when you gain additional Eikons, more wheels will become available. You must spend the required amount of AP in order to unlock or enhance an existing skill. The total AP is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, and the circle next to each ability's name indicates how much it takes to unlock or improve that talent.

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For players who wish to swiftly optimize their build, the option to have the game automatically unlock the optimum talents based on your current AP is available. Holding down L3 and confirming the purchases will speed up the process and make the best skills available to you straight away. Players can use this feature to tailor their characters' talents and character growth to suit their tastes and preferred playing methods. Final Fantasy 16's skill tree system provides adaptability and customization, allowing you to build your character's evolution in a way that suits your unique approach to the game, whether you choose to meticulously handpick and allocate your AP or take the hurried route.

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Can you reset your abilities in Final Fantasy 16?

Final Fantasy 16's skill menu allows players to respec their acquired skills at any moment by merely holding down the touchpad. This respec function allows for a total reset of all purchased skills, as well as a full refund of points spent. As a result, players are encouraged to freely experiment with various builds and playstyles. The ability to respec allows you to fine-tune your character's skills and experiment with different skill combinations to discover the best setup. Furthermore, when hovering over a certain ability in the skill menu, players have the option to refund individual skills rather than beginning from scratch. This grants a level of precision and convenience, preventing the need to undo the entire skill tree with each undesired purchase made.

There is the option to freeze specific talents for individuals who want to respec their whole skill tree. Players can lock as many talents as they want by pressing R3. These locked abilities will not be refunded unless they are specifically unlocked during the reset procedure. This feature saves time by allowing users to keep their favored skills while exploring various paths in their skill tree. The option to lock and unlock talents encourages players to experiment with their skill tree on a regular basis, encouraging a sense of curiosity and a drive to explore new skill combinations.

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Eikonic abilities

As they progress through the game's main plot, players will come across many Dominants linked to the Eikons. As a result, Clive, the protagonist, will eventually inherit the talents of great beings such as Ramuh, Titan, Garuda, and others. Some of these Dominants may turn out to be allies, while others may turn out to be adversaries. This power grab is a vital step in Clive's attempt to establish lasting peace between the kingdoms.

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Clive is able to use new elemental magic spells as he collects more and more of the essence of the Eikon. He also gets access to Eikonic Abilities, which not only improve his fighting skills but also broaden the variety of possible combinations and synergistic link-ups. The gameplay options provided by these Eikonic Abilities expand upon strategic and dynamic gameplay. Additionally, Clive is able to use unique skills known as Eikonic Feats, which are iconic talents connected to particular Eikons. These Feats are immediately available to Clive once he has access to the appropriate Eikon and doesn't require him to learn them or practice for them in any way.

By obtaining the essence of different Eikons and harnessing their powers, Clive's repertoire of magical abilities and combat techniques expands, granting him an edge in his pursuit of peace. The journey towards everlasting harmony is intertwined with the acquisition of these Eikon powers, paving the way for thrilling battles and strategic choices as Clive unravels the mysteries of the Eikons and their role in the world of the game.

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Eikonic abilities mastery

As previously stated, Clive has immediate access to an Eikon's distinctive moves, known as Eikonic Feats, after he has obtained the essence of an Eikon. On the other hand, a lot of additional skills need to be unlocked by using Ability Points. Players can examine the possibilities by going to the characteristics menu at any time, which provides thorough information regarding the offensive and crippling characteristics of each Eikonic Ability.

Once unlocked, these Eikonic Abilities can be further strengthened through upgrades, enhancing their effectiveness and granting additional bonuses. Furthermore, players have the opportunity to master these abilities, which enables them to equip them on any other Eikon that Clive chooses to bring into battle. With the capacity to have three Eikons equipped simultaneously and access to two Eikonic Abilities, players have the freedom to mix and match, fostering a diverse range of elemental synergies.

This system allows for a strategic approach to combat, as players can tailor their Eikon selection and abilities to suit the demands of each battle. The ability to unlock, upgrade, and master Eikonic Abilities empowers players to customize their gameplay experience, creating unique and synergistic combinations that cater to their preferred playstyle. By capitalizing on the flexibility and variety provided by Eikonic Abilities, players can unleash devastating attacks and strategic maneuvers, further immersing themselves in the dynamic and engaging combat of the game. The interplay between Eikons, their abilities, and Clive's choices allows for endless possibilities, ensuring that each encounter is a thrilling and strategic endeavor.

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