Final Fantasy 16’s Hideaway Explained

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Final Fantasy 16’s Hideaway Explained

The Hideaway (or Cid's Hideaway) is a hub-like base place in Final Fantasy 16's Valisthea world that you can visit in between your missions. Once there, you can buy Upgrades and Consumables from the Shop, forge and strengthen gear in the Forge, improve your combat abilities in the Arete Stone's Virtual Training area, unlock new side missions, and much more. In this article, we will talk about everything we know so far about Final Fantasy 16's Hideaway.

How does the Hideaway work?

While playing the game (now we still don't when in particular), Cidolfus Telamon will transport you to his mysterious Hideaway in the Central Storm Deadlands during Clive Rosfield's twenties. Once you gain access to it, you can return to this location to shop at Charon's Toll, make and strengthen your gear at The Black Hammer, sharpen your combat skills at the Arete Stone, and much more.

New sidequests and the Alliant Reports will eventually become available, providing you with access to sidequest information from all throughout Valisthea as well as the ability to fast-travel to quest givers. You can also gain Renown Rating and Gil by completing Elite Marks on the Hunt Board, and then utilize that Renown Rating at The Patron's Whisper to get contributions of Materials, Ability Points, and even accessories like the Berserker Ring.

This hub also contains The Thousand Tomes, which you may update by telling Loresman Harpocrates about Clive's interactions, which adds to a treasure of gathered knowledge and raises your Wisdom level. Finally, if you want to see the timeline of events and character ties, chat with Scholar and Strategist Vivian to see The State of the Realm and learn more about Clive and Persons of Interest.

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The shop

After getting entry to the Hideaway, the Shop, Charon's Toll, becomes open for purchasing and selling. There, you can exchange Gil for weapons, armor, and consumables. You'll also see item and gear stats, item descriptions, and how they relate to your current gear. At the start, the only things available are the Broadsword and Iron Bracers, which can be upgraded in The Black Hammer Forge. A few consumable things are available for purchase, but only in limited quantities. Still, if you have enough Gil, you can restore your stash by returning to the Hideaway between questing and exploring Valisthea.

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The forge

In return for Materials, you can craft new weapons and armor at Blackthorne's Forge, The Black Hammer. There is also a preview of your current stats as well as the stats for each craftable item, as well as its Material cost, description, and how they compare to your current equipment. Because the Wyrrite cost is substantially higher when Crafting than while Reinforcing, it may be worth it to buy the base-level weapon and armor from Charon's Toll first.

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The Arete stone

The Arete Stone is a virtual training area where you can put your freshly obtained gear to the test and refine your combat abilities against various foes and battle situations in the Hall of Virtue Training Mode. There's also an Arcade Mode where you may compete for high scores and see where you rank on a worldwide leaderboard. The Hall of Virtue features several Training Options available within the Arete Stone menu, allowing you to personalize a training session with useful information displays, HP Regen, Infinite Limit Break, and more. You can even bring your devoted sidekick Torgal along for the ride, and choose from a selection of foes to practice against.

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Unlock side missions

New side missions will become available at the Hideaway, highlighted by green exclamation point symbols, and you'll only have to walk a short distance to pick them up—but there will also be side quests available for you across Valisthea. Fortunately, you may access the Alliant Reports and get a list of available side missions from all throughout the realm by speaking with Gaute in the Hideaway. While examining the Alliant Reports, you will be given useful information about the side quests such as the quest name, location, client name, the name of the nearest Obelisk, how much Gil is earned, and a Map with the quest icon highlighted in bright green. After selecting a side quest, you can click the Travel button to quickly travel to the client's location and take up the quest.

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Loreman Harpocrates

You can update the Thousand Tomes with all of the fresh discoveries you've discovered while exploring Valisthea by visiting Loreman Harpocrates. Any new information will be logged and you will get a reading experience each time you access the Thousand Tomes, allowing you to level up your Wisdom and browse a large repository for information about everything in the realm of Valisthea. The Thousand Tomes will give you compiled knowledge, recommend appropriate topics, and let you browse its large database for Persons of Interest, Eikons, Material Information, Historical Events, Bestiary Information, and more. You'll also be able to utilize the gauge at the bottom of each tome to chart your progress toward completing each tome and discovering all the secrets within this world.

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Scholar and strategist Vivian

Speak with Vivian to gain access to The Grand Cast and the Situation Map for information on the State of the Realm. You can explore the current status of connections between Persons of Interest, as well as prior relationships, and read about the events that molded each character, from there. The Grand Cast and the Year of the Realm Timeline collaborate to provide a detailed look at all known Persons of Interest and the status of their past and present relationships. You can examine character profiles, descriptions of important interactions, their relationships, whether they are alive or dead, who their allies are, and who their adversaries are from this page.

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Otto's counter, the hunt board, and the patron's whisper

After some time in the Hideaway, Otto's Counter will appear, providing you access to The Patron's Whisper and the Hunt Board. From there, you can gain Renown Rating by conquering the Elite Marks mentioned on The Hunt Board, and then obtain prizes from the Patron's Whisper for your heroic acts. When you're ready to gain Renown Rating and Gil, go to the Hunt Board and talk to the Moogle named Nektar about Elite Marks that need to be slain all across Valisthea. The Hunt Board works in the same way as a bounty system, granting Renown Rating and Gil for tracking down and slaying these hazardous monsters. Once you've accumulated enough Renown Rating, speak with Desiree to gain entry to The Patron's Whisper and accept contribution boxes containing valuable items like crafting materials, Ability Points, and accessories such as the Berserker Ring.

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Final Fantasy 16’s Hideaway Explained
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