How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy 16 – Best XP Grinds

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How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy 16 – Best XP Grinds

Want to know how to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy 16? These strategies to grind XP in FF 16 cover all the main methods to get up there quicker.

Final Fantasy 16 has a big world for you to explore, but like most RPGs there’s an element that might hold you back from doing whatever you want, your level. Learning how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16 is going to be key to getting through the game without too much boring grinding.

As with any Final Fantasy game, you’re going to need to grind your level up from the start of the game to actually be able to take on the various monsters ahead of you. You can make best use of the FF 16 abilities in battle, but there are still some areas where having a higher level is really important. A big part of this is knowing how to grind XP in FF 16. Although, that isn’t all of it. There are strategies for fast levelling in FF 16 that let you maximise your XP yield way above more normal playing.

If you want to take a few chips out of that lengthy runtime, you need to how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16. This is how you can do that.

How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy 16

The levelling system in Final Fantasy 16 has a lot in common with past games in the series. As you do certain actions and Battles, you’ll get a small amount of experience. Use the system wrong and you’ll fight through a lot of tedious battles to grind XP in FF 16 without gaining very much. If you use it right though, you can get to those higher XP levels much quicker.

There are a few specific things you can do in-game that reward more XP for your time commitment than anything else. These are:

  • Hunts
  • Wages of Warcraft Accessory
  • Side Quests

Some of these will take some time to get access to and you’ll have to pace yourself. They are always good strategies for fast levelling in FF 16 though.

Hunts – How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy 16

A hunt is a levelled-up version of a normal battle, at least as far as your XP count is concerned. When you take part in a hunt you’ll get close to 10x the normal amount of XP! That’s a crazy increase from just doing the standard battle. That amount will even increase as you go through the game. As you get closer to the Final Fantasy endgame, you’ll be getting entire levels from an Elite Mark.

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If you’re looking to maximise your XP, take notice of Hunts. Whenever you’re in any of the Final Fantasy 16 hideaway, open up your map. You might see an icon of the Hunt Board. If there’s a golden circle on it, you’re going to be able to go off for a hunt!

how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16

Try to take these whenever you can! They are your key for learning how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16.

Past Hunts, there are more strategies to get more XP out of your normal gameplay. Although, hunts are important to grind XP in FF 16.

Using the Wages of Warcraft Accessory

A key accessory in-game is going to make a big difference in your progress in grinding XP in FF 16. It’s the Wages of Warcraft. Once you’ve progressed through the game long enough to get to the second Hideaway, you’ll have access to this. Charon’s Toll will begin to stock three new items for you to purchase which can really increase your power in-game. Among these new items are the Wages of Warcraft, something big for fast levelling in FF 16.

This accessory has an obvious OP ability for your XP grinding. It increases the amount of experience you gain in all battles. It will take up one of your three accessory slots. That’s a shame, but if your goal is to grind XP in FF 16 then losing one slot really isn’t the end of the world! There are other items later, but at first, how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16 depends on this.

You don’t have to keep this equipped at all times, but there are instances where it's best to turn it on. If you’re heading into a big open area, riding on a Chocobo or on foot, or a large story section, turn it on. Biggest story areas often have a fair few regular fights and this will make sure your XP is rising fast. Open areas also contain plenty of battles which it doesn’t hurt to jump into. Using this through normal play is a great way to level up fast in FF 16 without having to waste time on pure XP grinding.


How to level up fast in final fantasy 16

The next big way to get XP as you progress is by completing side quests in-game. These are often a part of the title some players put to one side. Hence the name. In other games though, these are a naturally occurring way to make sure you’re keeping up with fast levelling in FF 16. If you make use of side quests when they pop up, you’ll be partly on your way to fast levelling in FF 16.

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The sidequests aren’t the best activity here though. The Hunts are definitely the best way to get XP quickly. If you want to avoid too much grinding though, doing side quests as you find them is much easier.

How to Grind XP in FF 16

Those are some general activities which will make it easier for you to level up quickly. If you just want to dedicate some time to levelling up and grind XP in FF 16 though, there’s a different approach for how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16.

To maximise your XP gain for a short stint and just get it over with in one go, there’s an easy way to farm XP. There is a little setup required though and timing.

For a start, you’ll need to have some specific accessories equipped. The Wages of Warcraft works, but there is also the Fortune and the Heavens. This is a 15% XP boost. Then there’s Scholar’s Spectacles which provides another 10% boost, but that is part of the pre-release pre-order bonuses. If you don’t have it, it’s not the biggest deal but it will help with fast levelling in FF 16.

With the right accessories equipped, you should be focusing on Hunt board quests. Essentially your XP grind might have to wait until you’ve got enough of these build up to get it done. Once you do, equip the right accessorise and head on out. If you know how to fast travel in FF 16, getting from place to place won’t take too long.

how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16

Progressively go through all of the hunts you have with these accessories set up. This will make sure you’re getting a considerable amount more XP than any other action in the game. It can also help to change the FF 16 difficulties. Moving to Story Focused will make the whole fight easier without impacting how much XP or levels you gain. It’s not what the difficulties were intended for, but this is still one of the best ways to grind XP in FF 16.

Those are some of the best strategies for learning how to level up fast in Final Fantasy 16. Ultimately a. bit of XP grinding is just part of the game in FF 16. XP grinds in games like FF 15 was easier to optimize, but there are things you can do here. There are strategies you can use to make it a bit easier for yourself though. Getting all of the hunt locations in particular will make it simpler for you to get access to the best paying activities in terms of raw experience.

How to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy 16 – Best XP Grinds
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