How to Deal With Bad Valorant Teammates

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How to Deal With Bad Valorant Teammates

Here is how to deal with bad Valorant teammates. Everyone gets them once in a while, so let’s see how to overcome them.

Valorant may be one of the world’s most interesting shooters, but it also has the same problems as other games in its genre. You may learn how to win duels and how to play properly, but you will eventually get teammates that could ruin your game. We realize that not everyone knows how to deal with those people, which is why we will learn more about what you could do.

Vallorant Teammates – New Players

How to Deal With Bad Valorant Teammates

Unless you are a high-rank Valorant player, chances are that you are stuck in the Valorant ranking system. If that’s the case, there is a good chance you will also get new players on your team. Some people like having such players on their team, but the reality is that they can often cause loads of problems.

Since they do not have as much experience as others, they often do not know what to do. Some of them are not familiar with the maps, others don’t know how to use specific weapons and more. Valorant is a complex game, so there are a lot of different things that those people may not be familiar with.
From our experience, there is no point in trying to flame those people. The fact that they are new means that they can’t be familiar with everything. So, instead of being toxic, it is better to provide them with constructive criticism. 

Most new players are actually willing to listen, so use this to your advantage and try to give them tips and tricks. You will be surprised at how many people will listen, especially if you are good.


How to Deal With Bad Valorant Teammates

One of the worst experiences you can have while playing Valorant or any other game is having someone willing to throw the game. In case you aren’t aware of the slang, “thrower” is someone who is usually good but does not play to his full potential and/or makes mistakes on purpose so he and his team can lose. This is very common in games like Dota 2, but it also affects shooters like Valorant. 

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do against those types of Valorant teammates. You can try offering them specific roles or even encouraging them that you will easily win the game. It all depends on the situation, but we do not recommend being negative. Once you start flaming them, you will surely lose the match, so keep that in mind.


If you are not having a good day, there is a good chance you will get a toxic player on your team. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst types of Valorant teammates you can have because there is not really much you can do about them.

These Valorant teammates are annoying; they usually flame everyone, and they are not really really playing that well. The worst thing about them is that they also affect others, so there is a really high chance of losing.

Even though this is easier said than done, you can do a few things to try and cope with those people. For example, you can try to agree with the person (as hard as it sounds) because this will be like a stop sign. Agreeing with the flamer means that the latter thinks he is not affecting you anymore, which means he will probably stop doing it.

Other important things to keep in mind

How to Deal With Bad Valorant Teammates
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After analyzing some of the types of Valorant teammates you can have, there are other key things we need to discuss. One of them is related to you and the fact that you need to do everything in your power not to become “that teammate”. It is easy to get carried away while playing competitive games like Valorant and become toxic. Doing this will only bring negativity and will make your ranking journey a living hell. No wonder there are not that many toxic players among the highest Valorant ranks

Another thing you should focus on if you are having bad teammates is filling in the role that’s needed for the given clash. For example, many teams often lack an in-game leader, so you can try to make the calls and help the team win. With that said, it really depends on the type of Valorant teammates you have because some won’t be willing to listen to you, which can cause problems. 

A lot of people try to criticize their teammates and hope that the latter will learn and improve. While it is true that this could help in some instances, usually, it will backfire. Instead of learning from their mistakes, you could accidentally “trigger” someone, and that person could start throwing or flaming for no reason.


Unfortunately, all Valorant players will eventually get teammates that fall into some of the categories mentioned earlier. Low-rank players definitely get them more often than the rest, but one can escape from ruiners. Thankfully, you can implement some of the tips and try to provide yourself with a much better experience. 

You should always check your gameplay and think of ways of improving it. Learn how to play better, what to keep an eye on, and so on, and you will eventually reach your desired rank. Valorant is a game that rewards good players, so those who know what they are doing will eventually reach what they were aiming for. 

How to Deal With Bad Valorant Teammates
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