How Many Pickaxes are in Fortnite? Rarest and Best

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How Many Pickaxes are in Fortnite? Rarest and Best

Just how many pickaxes are in Fortnite, across five Chapters with crazy numbers of cosmetics added to the item shop every day?

Fortnite is free to play. But It also has a ridiculous number of cosmetics. Not just skins, but wraps, emotes, gliders, and pickaxes. Any one category of Fortnite cosmetic has a pretty high count of items at this point. If you’re looking to collect everything even in one section like getting all Fortnite pickaxes, you’ve got quite a list.

Just how many pickaxes are in Fortnite though? There’s quite a lot. They’re typically included bundled with skins. However, we can also get them independently plus different variations for the various styles you’ll see. You can show them off though, there’s even been tournaments just for pickaxe combat.

If we look around the pickaxes given out for Battle Passes, promotions around the game, plus everything they’ve sold over the years, there’s tons. This is what the grand total is for all the Fortnite pickaxes? And which are the most notable pickaxes across the history of the game?

How Many Pickaxes are in Fortnite?

How many pickaxes are in fortnite

There are currently around 1,200 Pickaxes in Fortnite. These span from basic tools to abstract devices that don’t even really resemble a pickaxe.

Each is, or was, available in a specific rarity. Epic has recently removed this feature from all of the cosmetics, so we don’t know what rarity each item is. Although, the only common one previously was the default no pickaxe option.

The pickaxe is a key part of gameplay, not just a cosmetic. It’s a tool in-game is used for a few things. It’s the default item you’re using when you drop into the game. You use it to harvest mats, vital for winning games of Fortnite in builds. You can also swing it at players for a melee attack though!

It’s a low damage, uncoordinated, but very fun melee attack. In most games it’s the refuge of players who got hot dropped without a weapon. It can be fun to bust out just for a meme kill though.

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If you’re looking at how many pickaxes are in Fortnite, none of them make a difference for gameplay. Epic sells cosmetics (and gives out free Fortnite cosmetics) just for the visual difference. There shouldn’t be any change to gameplay!

The Best and Rarest Of All Fortnite Pickaxes

Out of all Fortnite pickaxes, which are the highlights? There’s a staggering answer to how many Pickaxes are in Fortnite but not all of them are particularly memorable. In fact, scrolling your locker you might see tons you don’t ever remember having.

For most players though, there’s a few favorites they gravitate towards. Looking outside of that, what are the best of all Fortnite pickaxes? There’s a handful which are worth highlighting, from being rare to just plain significant for the development of Fortnite.

These are the top picks that are currently in the game.

Hulk Smashers

How many pickaxes are in fortnite

These are particularly fun because they do something few Fortnite pickaxes do, they let you use your hands. These items are essentially gloves that fit over your characters’ hands, using them you can do everything a harvesting tool or pickaxe cac with your bare hands!

These are a fun pair for any skin that looks like it should just be smashing rocks, not mining them. You can get more creative with them though. They can mean you’ll deal damage just from your hands.

This pickaxe might be why the Will Smith skin is now a rare FN skin, since enterprising players figured out that they could recreate a slap using them. There’s something special about them though, it’s disappointing it’s an effect rarely seen given how many pickaxes are in Fortnite.


How many pickaxes in fortnite

This is one of the Fortnite pickaxes that really stands out. It’s one of the first times that Epic added something directly relating to real world streamers.

Fortnite’s growth on platforms like Twitch and YouTube was a major part of the title’s success. One of the biggest streamers in this first wave was Ninja.

The player, talking about Fortnite’s update schedule, famously made a short rant desiring just anything to be added to the game. Then he’d buy it, even if it was just a toilet plunger.

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Epic heard it. They then added a Ninja themed plunger in the next update! Now the streamer has a Fortnite Icon series skin, it’s a perfect pair. This pickaxe is a great example of Epic’s symbiotic relationship with Fortnite streamers though.

Phantasmic Pulse

How many pickaxes in fortnite

This Fortnite pickaxe is notable for just how customizable it is. We know Fortnite has endless skins, with a lot that feature heavy customization. This pickaxe gives them all a run for their money in terms of options though.

You can put together a pickaxe that matches any skin with these sets of options. It’s great for when you don’t have a pickaxe that exactly matches the color scheme of your locker right now.

Merry Mint Axe

How many pickaxes are in fortnite

The Merry Mint Axe isn’t particularly special in how it looks. Out of the huge answer to how many pickaxes are in Fortnite, it had a unique way of being unlocked. This one came with physical purchases.

For a few years, when anyone bought physical Fortnite merchandise at Christmas, they’d be able to get a code to unlock the Merry Mint axe. This made it pretty rare, since it was kind of hard to track down. Mostly, cosmetics are available online, on the Fortnite servers. This one made everyone go touch grass.

The Merry Mint Axe has become a status symbol of how much effort some were willing to put into unlocking all Fortnite pickaxes! It was only available in some physical stores, and even then you had to bank on the employee remembering to print out a second receipt.

Axe of Champions


Maybe the most exclusive Fortnite pickaxe is the Axe of Champions. This is a real get. It shows the player wielding it has won an FNCS event.

Epic doesn’t do exclusive items like this very often. These pickaxes are a clear showing that the player is one of only a handful in each region, the best players. Most player will never get the chance to unlock something like this, it’s fun that it is in the game to flex though.

Out of all Fortnite pickaxes, or even cosmetics, this is probably the rarest.

How Many Pickaxes are in Fortnite? Rarest and Best
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