How Long Will Fortnite OG Last? End Date for 4 Fun Weeks

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How Long Will Fortnite OG Last? End Date for 4 Fun Weeks

How long will Fortnite OG last? This is what we know about the Fortnite OG end date, when it’ll move seasons, and Chapter 5’s start.

Fortnite OG is one of the most impressive updates we’ve ever seen in the game. It’s set the clock back to 2018, reviving the game’s C1 Season 5 version. It’s clearly popular too, with record player numbers jumping on to play. All good things have to end though, so how long will Fortnite OG last? The game will eventually be moving onto something new, with a fresh Chapter expected this year.

The game is currently scheduled to move on from the nostalgia season on December 2nd. However, we actually have an entire roadmap for the next month. We know when each season of the Fortnite OG end dates are. Plus, when the game will move towards the back half of Chapter 1 which is decidedly less beloved, with Mechs and other craziness coming to the game then it gets a bit more complicated. While the answer to how long will Fortnite OG last is that it’s here till December, the game’s current classic status might be gone in a few days.

According to Fortnite leaks, Fortnite might be going away for some more than a few hours of downtime. It could be offline for days once we get to the Fortnite OG end date! When does each C1 revival season end, and what’s coming next?

How Long Will Fortnite OG Last?

Fortnite OG Skirmish

The Fortnite OG end date is currently scheduled for December 2. This is the date given in-game to finish off the Battle Pass. While we have a mini pass that shouldn’t be too hard to get through, Epic still gives fairly accurate end dates so you don’t miss out on free Fortnite skins, or free if you’ve got the pass. This end date also seems quite deliberate, especially when you factor in the two-passes for one Crew pack trick.

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The OG Season began on November 3rd, so this is running for just under a month! However, Fortnite OG can really be divided up into four different chunks.

Each of them will mean a radically different map and totally different item loot pool. These are the different segments of the Fortnite OG Season end dates and when they start.

  • Fortnite OG Season 5 – November 3-9
  • Season 6 – November 9-16
  • Season 7/8 – November 16-23
  • Season 9/X – November 23-

Each of these individual segments seem like they can be thought of as different. Players are currently loving the OG classic gameplay style of the mini season. Although, we’re getting plenty of those wacky items that define modern Fortnite back soon. Within a week or so, we’ll have build destroying planes flying all over. Just a week after that, Fortnite leakers have found that the Mech will be aiming a return in some form too. The best Fortnite weapons in OG won’t stay static for more than a few days.

Fortnite OG End Date

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How long will Fortnite OG last is around a month, or X days. However, the more classic style of Fortnite won’t exactly be what we’re playing by the end of the month. With only a week in each OG season though, there isn’t really time to get irritated about anything coming!

Given the season’s popularity it feels like this could have ran for longer than a month, going through all Chapter 1 season. Although, it’s still a lot of fun to get the last five back for this long.

When Does Fortnite Chapter 5 Start?

Once Fortnite OG ends, we move onto Fortnite Chapter 5. Leakers have already found the FN Chapter 5 map. However, when can we jump into this new game? That gets a bit more complicated than just the Fortnite OG end date or how long will Fortnite OG last.

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The current Fortnite season will end on December 2. However, last time we finished a Season X of Chapter 1 the game didn’t immediately move on. Some Fortnite downtime is to be expected, but we might get more than a day or two. It’s possible that we’ll see the Fortnite black hole pop back up. This could mean it’s offline for more than a day. We might not see Chapter 5 until December 3-4! It’s difficult to know how Epic will time things like time.

Players have long used a problem with Epic’s Crew pack subscription to get extra value, which could factor in here. Players quickly discovered you got all the content of two months for the cost of 1 by only buying every other month’s pass. However, when you factor in the free Battle Pass some players have been timing their single purchase to double up on these two. Since this is a mini pass barley a month in length, it’s possible players could get the C4 S4 Pass, OG Pass, and Chapter 5 Pass for one subscription. It’s possible the downtime will last just long enough to make sure that doesn’t come to pass!

The Black Hole is Coming

Fortnite the end

Fortnite could be offline for a few days once Fortnite OG ends. We’ll have to wait and see what Epic has planned. We do know for certain how long will Fortnite OG last though. It won’t be the longest season. Before players know it, the classic map will be back to the vault. Hopefully the big success of this returning map has convinced Epic to do more with Fortnite’s history and older maps in the future. There’s clearly too much fun to be had for it to end forever at the Fortnite OG end date.

How Long Will Fortnite OG Last? End Date for 4 Fun Weeks
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