Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – March 2023

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Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – March 2023

Here are a few comedic moments uploaded on Dota WTF from March 2023 to make your day better. 

Roll and Run

Earth Spirit is an unconventional support hero in Dota 2. Many people play Earth Spirit to stun enemy heroes and disposition their opponents during battles. You can use Earth Spirit to initiate team fights, help allies escape enemy encounters, and most importantly, steal Aegis from the enemy team. 

In this Dota WTF video, you can see Earth Spirit getting ready to roll on over to Roshan’s Pit to snatch Aegis from right under their noses. The enemy team consists of Shadow Fiend, Tiny, Storm Spirit, and Clinkz as they fight Roshan to claim the Aegis of the Immortal. 

The Radiant team uses their scan on Roshan’s Pit to unveil that the enemy team is attempting to defeat the Ancient neutral. A level 29 Earth Spirit manages to get to the location on time and uses Rolling Boulder just in time to pick up Aegis off the ground and flee from the sight of enemy heroes. Tiny finds Earth Spirit and uses Avalanche to stun Earth Spirit before he uses Rolling Boulder to move further away from Roshan’s Pit. Storm Spirit uses his ulti, Ball Lightning, to seek out Earth Spirit in the top lane and stops him from evading the enemy team. The entire team annihilates Earth Spirit as revenge for stealing the Aegis of the Immortal from them in the Dota 2 match. 

Ultimate Annihilation

Team fights can be a prestigious opportunity for you and your teammates to shine in battles. The roster of Dota 2 has several heroes with ultimate abilities that can make the enemy team tremble with fear. 

In this Dota WTF clip, you can catch a glimpse of the true potential of teamwork. Vengeful Spirit is a support hero who can use her ulti, Nether Swap, to switch positions with any hero in her team or the enemy team. She can cast Nether Swap on an enemy unit from a distance of 1100 to prevent her opponents from escaping battles in Dota 2. Enemy units affected by Nether Swap have their attack damage reduced by 50% for 3 seconds. 

Vengeful Spirit swaps Sniper with her ulti and uses Magic Missile to stun the carry hero near the tower. Her ally, Techies, uses Dagon to deal more damage to Sniper after he is swapped by Vengeful Spirit. Fortunately, Sniper’s teammates reach him before Vengeful Spirit can destroy Sniper in her lane. 

Jakiro uses Dual Breath and Ice Path to disable enemy heroes to let Sniper walk away from the team fight. The twin-headed dragon uses Macropyre to deal 200 Damage per second (DPS) to Vengeful Spirit and Slardar. Kunkka raises the enemy team off the ground using Torrent before summoning a Ghost Ship to stun the enemy team. Sniper stands firm on his feet and continues to shoot at enemy heroes for quick kills. Esports teams and professional Dota 2 players can learn a lot from these videos to improve their teamwork and coordination in their games to win more tournaments.  

Intelligence Inside

Intelligence heroes can play a number of different roles for their team in Dota 2 matches. You can heal your allies, restore mana to heroes, deal massive amounts of damage to your opponents, and get multiple kills to increase your kill counts in the online game. 

Pugna is a spectacular Intelligence hero with impressive attributes and abilities. He has a 630 range on his physical attacks and can use several spells to help his team win battles. Pugna can nuke enemy heroes using Nether Blast to deal 340 magical damage to all enemy units in a radius of 400. He can plant Nether Wards around the map to deal damage to enemy units based on the spells they use in the game. Pugna can slow the movement speed of enemy heroes by 60% for 3.5 seconds using Decrepify and deal bonus magical damage to his opponents for the duration of the spell. He can drain the health of his enemies by using his ulti, Life Drain, and restore health to allies at any time. 

In this Dota WTF compilation, players can be awe-struck by Pugna’s gameplay. He starts his ambush by rooting Dark Willow near the forest using Rod of Atos. Pugna uses his ulti to decimate Dark Willow within seconds of entering the battle. Skywrath Mage is the second hero to fall to Pugna in the video. Skywrath Mage chases Pugna toward the Secret Shop before being killed by the Intelligence hero. Pugna regains a bit of health before casting his ulti to destroy Sniper. Magnus finds Sniper and drags him away from his allies using Skewer but fails to kill him during the encounter. The support hero absorbs the remaining health of Magnus before being killed by Pugna in the team fight. Pugna can be your choice for getting more kills in your matches to win the Dead Reckoning. 

The Lich Reigns Supreme

The Lich is one of the oldest Intelligence heroes in the massively multiplayer game. He can nuke enemy heroes using Frost Blast to deal 360 damage to an enemy unit. The Lich can pull enemy heroes toward him using Sinister Gaze to disable them for up to 2.5 seconds. He can protect his allies by casting Frost Shield on them to reduce the attack damage of enemy heroes. 

His ulti, Chain Frost, can be used to vanquish enemy heroes who stick together during battles. The Lich can release a ball of ice that bounces off of enemies to deal 550 damage per bounce. Players can upgrade Chain Frost to gain unlimited bounces of their ulti by reaching level 25 through the Talent Tree. 

In this Dota WTF snippet, players can marvel at the genius of the Lich. He can be seen roaming the forest in the bottom lane in search of heroes to kill. He discovers Meepo fighting a neutral creep camp and uses Sinister Gaze on Meepo before the Agility hero can collect the Bounty Rune in the bottom lane. Meepo doesn’t have any of his clones with him during the battle, urging the Lich to summon an Ice Spire before casting Chain Frost. The melee hero escapes the Lich before Chain Frost can drain all of his health by using Poof to teleport to his other clones near his base. Luckily, the Lich’s ulti manages to find Meepo and his clones at the fountain and continues to bounce off of each other to end Meepo’s life. 

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