Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – February 2023

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Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – February 2023

You can watch these hilarious Dota WTF videos to make you laugh in February 2023. 

Dota 2 has inspired millions of players to try fresh ways to fight enemy heroes in the massively multiplayer game. Many of the players who play Dota 2 every day send in their most hilarious outtakes from their matches to the Dota WTF community to feature their videos online. 

Take a look at these hilarious Dota WTF moments from February 2023 to make you laugh. 

Take Back The Mid Lane

The mid lane is the most important lane people can fight for in Dota 2. Professional players tend to take the mid lane to level up faster than their teammates in the strategy game. People who go to the mid lane have a responsibility to lead the team during difficult situations. 

In this video, you can find Shadow Fiend trying to take back control of the mid lane from a dangerous set of enemy heroes. Shadow Fiend faces off against Centaur Warrunner, Broodmother, Rubick, and Dragon Knight in an all-out war. 

The mid lane is riddled with spider webs spun by Broodmother, making it harder to coordinate moves for the Shadow Fiend. Centaur Warrunner teleports directly on top of Shadow Fiend in the mid lane using a Blink Dagger to stun him using Hoof Stomp. Rubick, Broodmother, and Dragon Knight approach Shadow Fiend while the mid hero is stunned to destroy him in front of the mid tower. 

Treant Protector comes to the rescue of Shadow Fiend in the mid lane and helps the carry hero recover a bit of his health. Shadow Fiend uses his ulti, Requiem of Souls, to deal massive amounts of damage to the entire enemy team before they get a chance to kill him. Crystal Maiden, Pudge, and Enigma join Shadow Fiend and Treant Protector to make the enemy heroes flee before they can land the final blow on Shadow Fiend in the mid lane. Battles fought in the mid lane can be vital to help the team win Dota 2 matches and the mid hero needs to protect the mid tower from being destroyed to stand a chance at winning. 

Time Out For Faceless Void

Faceless Void is a mighty carry hero in Dota 2. The Agility hero can move effortlessly to and fro battles to gain an advantage during team fights. Many people choose Faceless Void for his ability to enter battles and eliminate enemy heroes within seconds using his ulti, Chronosphere. 

The carry hero can use Chronosphere to disable all enemy units and enemy heroes in a radius of 500 for up to 5 seconds. Faceless Void can move at an increased speed while inside the Chronosphere during the duration of his ulti. Chronosphere has a cooldown of 140 seconds and consumes 300 mana to be used per cast. 

In this video, Faceless Void can be seen trying to snatch the Aegis of the Immortal from Roshan by using Chronosphere on his enemy team. The Agility hero gets ready to Time Walk into Roshan’s pit to cast his ulti. Troll Warlord, Tidehunter, and Clockwerk are the enemy heroes fighting Roshan, who gets disabled by Faceless Void. Batrider manages to cast Flaming Lasso on Faceless Void and uses it to drag the carry hero out of his Chronosphere, giving his team a chance to recuperate from the battle. 

Faceless Void tries to retreat from the team fight after failing to take the Aegis of the Immortal from the enemy team. Tidehunter and Troll Warlord chase Faceless Void up to the forest and kill the carry hero before he can use Time Walk to exit from the battle. People must use Chronosphere without getting caught by enemy heroes or being disabled by them to make the most of the duration of Faceless Void’s ulti in the game. 

Party of 5 gets Pulverized

Dota 2 is a team game made to bring out the chemistry of various teams while they choose different heroes to defeat their enemies. Pushing lanes and taking out towers in the online game is not merely as tactful as teaming up against enemy heroes. 

The right combination of spells can prove to be potent against the most seasoned players in Dota 2. In this clip, players will be astonished to discover that a team that consists of Dawnbreaker, Void Spirit, Lion, Treant Protector, and Lina is vanquished in a matter of minutes. 

These heroes do everything right while trying to push the top lane but get taken down by the Radiant before they can reach the enemy barracks. Treant Protector goes out of his way to destroy Observer Wards in the forest to prevent his team from being detected by the enemy. 

Dawnbreaker enters the battle, only to get stunned by the enemy heroes in the top lane. Spectre lands a few physical hits on Dawnbreaker before Lina casts Eternal Chains using Gleipnir to root Spectre and Elder Titan. Tusk manages to use Walrus Kick on the Intelligence hero to disposition Lina away from the team fight. The Strength hero uses Snowball to stun Lion and Dawnbreaker. 

Elder Titan snaps back into action and puts his opponents to sleep using Echo Stomp. Queen of Pain casts her ulti, Sonic Wave, to knock back the disabled enemy heroes to let her team kill the enemy heroes in the top lane. Spectre takes the chance to activate Manta Style to create 2 illusions that deal loads of damage to Lina and Treant Protector to annihilate the entire team. Void Spirit couldn’t even make it to the scene of battle to prevent the death of his allies in the match. 

Players can consider the possibility of being destroyed by the enemy team to avoid losing the game. Make sure you have at least a few heroes left alive in the team after battles to encourage allies throughout the match. It can be disheartening to watch the whole team being decimated by the enemy team before getting a chance to make a comeback. 

Vacuumed to Death

There are a few devastating combos that you can perform in Dota 2 to overwhelm your opponents in battles. You can use a variety of magical spells and items to defeat enemy heroes with high levels of satisfaction. 

In this snippet of Dota WTF, you can witness the sheer monstrosity unleashed on enemy heroes by Dark Seer and Treant Protector. The support heroes pool in their abilities to push enemy heroes back to their base. 

Dark Seer enters the battle using a Blink Dagger to cast his ulti, Wall of Replica, near Roshan’s pit. The Intelligence hero casts Refresher Orb to create a second Wall of Replica before casting Vacuum to pull the enemy heroes into his ulti to summon illusions. Treant Protector reaches the battle to root all enemy heroes using his ulti, Overgrowth, allowing the illusions created by Dark Seer to drain the health of his opponents. 

Drow Ranger, Broodmother, Tiny, and Hoodwink get rooted by Overgrowth and take a considerable amount of damage from the illusions summoned after passing through the Walls of Replica. The enemy team has no choice other than to retreat back to their fountain to survive the fight. You can try the combo of Dark Seer and Treant Protector for yourself to surprise your opponents with these abilities. 

Naga Siren Slits Her Enemies

Naga Siren is an Agility hero capable of defeating entire hordes of enemies by herself. The carry hero can become an unstoppable force after farming her core items in the game. A ton of people who play Dota 2 make the mistake of letting carry heroes, such as Naga Siren, and Anti-Mage, farm their items early to provide free kills to the enemy team. 

In this clip, Naga Siren advances bravely toward the mid lane to face her enemies in battle. The melee hero has managed to farm items, including Heart of Tarrasque, Bloodthorn, Manta Style, Scythe of Vyse, and Black King Bar before hitting the 40-minute mark in the game. 

Disruptor assists Naga Siren in the mid lane by casting Kinetic Field and Static Storm to silence enemy heroes. Naga Siren uses Mirror Image to create multiple illusions to attack silenced enemy heroes. The carry hero creates more illusions using Manta Style to obliterate enemy heroes before they can escape the battle. 

Naga Siren easily gets her hands on 4 enemy heroes, killing them with her physical attacks to gain bonus gold and experience for the entire team in Dota 2. You can count on carry heroes, such as Naga Siren, to dominate Dota 2 games after farming certain items early. 

The Stealth Assassin Survives

In this Dota WTF video, Riki evades several enemies to survive the battle. Players can watch the Stealth Assassin masterfully step aside in the mid lane to avoid being stunned by Sacred Arrow. Magnus spots the Stealth Assassin in the mid lane and teleports immediately to put an end to Riki in the game. The Strength hero casts his ulti, Reverse Polarity, in the mid lane to stun Riki. Magnus uses Skewer to push Riki away, making it difficult for his allies Enchantress and Rubick to kill Riki in the mid lane. 

Enchantress launches an attack imbued by Impetus to get the last hit but Riki turns invisible just in time to avoid being killed by the Intelligence hero. Riki even manages to survive being hit by Pangolier in the mid lane to make his final escape. You can play Riki in a number of ways to have fun in the game without getting killed in combat.

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