Dota 2 Centaur Warrunner Guide – Stun Enemies with Hoof Stomp

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Dota 2 Centaur Warrunner Guide – Stun Enemies with Hoof Stomp

Discover fun ways to stun your enemies in Dota 2 with Hoof Stomp while playing Centaur Warrunner.

Dota 2 is a game that gets better with a team that you can rely on. Each member of the team can play a specific role to help steer the direction of Dota 2 matches toward victory. Heroes with Strength as their primary attribute can make a game more interesting by being able to tank massive amounts of damage from
enemy heroes. 

Strength heroes, like Centaur Warrunner and Chaos Knight, can stun enemies with their abilities to disable opponents in battles. These durable characters can provide the support the team needs to farm more gold in lanes and level up to gain new abilities in Dota 2 games. 

Here’s how you can stun enemies using Hoof Stomp with Centaur Warrunner in Dota 2. 

Centaur Warrunner – Stun Enemies with Hoof Stomp

Centaur Warrunner stuns multiple enemies with Hoof Stomp

Centaur Warrunner is a Strength hero who can disable multiple enemies during team fights. He can enter into combat with maximum movement speed to rush his foes and stun them with Hoof Stomp to let his allies make an escape. 

Each hit from the Centaur Warrunner can deal up to 63 – 65 base damage, letting the melee hero chop his enemies into bits in lanes. You can buy a Quelling Blade for the Centaur Warrunner to provide bonus damage while attacking enemy creeps. A Quelling Blade can cost 100 gold and grants an additional 8 attack damage against enemy creeps in lanes to the Centaur Warrunner. 

Players who choose Centaur Warrunner can head toward the safe lane to farm more gold with the tank hero. You can place a few Observer Wards in the forest near the tower to gain vision over the neutral creep camps in the safe lane. These neutral creeps from the camps can be pulled toward the tower to distract creeps. People need to take their time while pulling creeps from the lane as doing it frequently can lead to enemy creeps in the safe lane attacking your tower.

Centaur Warrunner has a base health of 740 at the start of the game. He has a base Strength of 27 and gains an impressive 4 Strength per level. The incredible Strength gained by leveling up can turn Centaur Warrunner into a durable tank hero in Dota 2. 

The first ability people need to level up while playing Centaur Warrunner is Hoof Stomp. You can cast Hoof Stomp to stun all enemy units in a radius of 350. Enemy units affected by Hoof Stomp can be stunned for up to 2 seconds and receive 120 damage at level one.  

Many players who play Centaur Warrunner love to fight enemy heroes with allies at the river before the Bounty rune appears in the game. Hoof Stomp provides the entire team a good chance to stun enemy heroes before they can collect the first Bounty rune. A few combos executed after the enemy units are stunned by Hoof Stomp can earn you a First Blood in the game. 

A maxed out Hoof Stomp can deal up to 300 damage per cast and extends the duration of the stun to 2.6 seconds. Hoof Stomp has a cooldown of 12 seconds and consumes 130 mana to be used in Dota 2 matches. You can increase the duration of the stun from Hoof Stomp by reaching level 25 with the Strength hero. 

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Centaur Warrunner can get quick kills in a game by using Double Edge on weakened enemy heroes. Double Edge is a spell that deals up to 300 damage to enemy units and an additional 120% of the overall Strength attributes gained throughout the game as damage. People can use Double Edge immediately after stunning enemies with Hoof Stomp for instant kills during battles in Dota 2. Double Edge has a low cooldown of 4 seconds and does not require any mana to be used by Centaur Warrunner. 

You can carry items like a Vitality Booster and a Blink Dagger to get into team fights and help allies kill enemy heroes. People can level up the passive ability, Retaliate, to return 45 damage per hit from their opponents. Retaliate will also deal an additional 38% of the Strength gained by Centaur Warrunner to enemy heroes during battles. The damage dealt by Retaliate can also pierce through spell immunity. You can increase the return damage dealt by Retaliate at level 20 through the Talent Tree. 

His ulti, Stampede, provides maximum movement speed to Centaur Warrunner and his allies for up to 4.5 seconds. You can use Stampede to let allies chase enemy heroes or allow your team to escape from dire situations. Professional players who play Dota 2 rely on Stampede to get out of danger during team fights. Centaur Warrunner can cast Hoof Stomp after charging toward enemies with Stampede to stun them in their tracks. Stampede has a cooldown of 100 seconds and consumes 250 mana to be used in the game. 

Items to Buy for Centaur Warrunner

Tranquil Boots

Centaur Warrunner can buy Tranquil Boots to boost his health regeneration rate in a Dota 2 match. You can purchase Tranquil Boots for 925 gold. Tranquil Boots provides 65 movement speed and 14 health regeneration per second to Centaur Warrunner. The melee hero can deal damage to enemy creeps in a lane before taking shelter near a tower to regain lost health with Tranquil Boots. 

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger can be bought for 2250 gold in the game. Centaur Warrunner can use a Blink Dagger to teleport up to a distance of 1200 in any direction. You can cast Hoof Stomp on enemies right after blinking into battles to surprise your opponents. Many people prefer to upgrade a Blink Dagger to an Overwhelming Blink later in the game to deal more damage to enemy heroes with the item in Dota 2. 

Blade Mail

Blade Mail is an item that can help Centaur Warrunner deal more damage with his passive ability, Retaliate. Centaur Warrunner gains 28 attack damage and 6 armor by purchasing Blade Mail in the game. Blade Mail costs 2100 gold in Dota 2. Centaur Warrunner can activate Damage Return to return up to 85% of the incoming damage back to enemy heroes for 5.5 seconds. Blade Mail has a cooldown of 25 seconds and needs 25 mana to be used. 

Eternal Shroud

Eternal Shroud grants 25% magic resistance, 8.5 health regeneration, and spell Lifesteal to Centaur Warrunner. The melee hero can use Eternal Shroud to convert up to 400 magical damage into mana for up to 12 seconds. Eternal Shroud has a cooldown of 45 seconds and requires 50 mana to be used in the game. Centaur Warrunner can turn on Eternal Shroud before stunning enemies with Hoof Stomp to regain a portion of his mana pool during battles. Eternal Shroud can be bought for 3300 gold.   

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Pipe of Insight

Pipe of Insight provides 30% magic resistance and 8.5 health regeneration to the Strength hero. The item can be purchased for 3475 gold in the game. Pipe of Insight grants all allies around Centaur Warrunner a bonus health regeneration rate of 2.5 and an additional magic resistance of 15%. 

You can also cast Barrier using Pipe of Insight to provide a magical shield that protects allies for up to 450 magical damage. Barrier lasts for up to 12 seconds and is applied to all allied units in a radius of 1200. Pipe of Insight has a cooldown of 60 seconds and consumes 100 mana per cast. 

Heart of Tarrasque 

Heart of Tarrasque can be bought for 5000 gold. Centaur Warrunner gains 250 health, 45 Strength, and 1.6% of his max health as regeneration rate by purchasing Heart of Tarrasque. Double Edge will deal more damage after equipping Heart of Tarrasque in your inventory while playing Centaur Warrunner. You can use Double Edge and Hoof Stomp to annihilate enemy heroes with Heart of Tarrasque. 


Gleipnir provides 30 attack damage, 24 Intelligence, 14 Strength, and 14 Agility to Centaur Warrunner. You can purchase Gleipnir for 6150 gold. Centaur Warrunner can cast Eternal Chains to root all enemy heroes in a radius of 450 for 2 seconds. Eternal Chains deal up to 220 damage to enemy units.  

The Strength hero can root enemies using Gleipnir before stunning them with Hoof Stomp. These spells can be used to disable enemy heroes till the rest of the team has a chance to enter the battle and decimate opponents during team fights. Gleipnir has a cooldown of 18 seconds and requires 200 mana to be used in Dota 2. 

Best Allies for Centaur Warrunner

Ogre Magi

Ogre Magi helps Centaur Warrunner stun enemies by using Fireblast

Ogre Magi is an Intelligence hero who can stun and slow enemy heroes in battles. His abilities make Ogre Magi suitable to ally with Centaur Warrunner in Dota 2. Ogre Magi has a base mana pool of 255, letting him cast several spells like Fireblast and Ignite early in the game. 

Centaur Warrunner can hold onto his position till enemy heroes are stunned by Fireblast. Ogre Magi can cast Fireblast to stun enemy heroes for up to 1.5 seconds and deals 250 damage per cast. Fireblast has a cooldown of 8 seconds and requires 115 mana. Centaur Warrunner can use Stampede after enemy heroes are disabled by Fireblast to extend the duration of the stun using Hoof Stomp. 

The Intelligence hero can use Ignite to deal 50 damage per second (DPS) for up to 8 seconds. Enemy units affected by Ignite are also slowed by up to 26%. These abilities make Ogre Magi the right ally for Centaur Warrunner.