Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – April 2023

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Hilarious Dota WTF Moments To Make You Laugh – April 2023

You can view the most hilarious Dota WTF moments from April 2023 to have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Dota WTF has an online community of over 3 million subscribers on YouTube. It uploads funny moments from Dota 2 games that can make veteran players of the game chuckle. The New Frontiers map that was introduced to Dota 2 players in the 7.33b patch is bound to have amazing and exciting new videos to cheer you on throughout your day.

Here are the best moments captured from Dota 2 matches in the last 30 days.

Divine Defeat

Ursa is an aggressive carry hero in Dota 2. He can rush enemies with physical attacks that can clobber his opponents to death within a few seconds. Ursa has 670 health and 267 mana at the start of the game. He gains 2.6 Agility per level, making Ursa stronger over time. He can easily hunt heroes with a base movement speed of 310.

In this Dota WTF video, you can catch a glimpse of what Ursa can do to his enemies in battles. Ursa notices Rubick planting Observer Wards around the map and decides to take up the matter into his own hands. Rubick teleports to the top lane after placing the Observer Wards to earn bonus gold from enemy creeps
near the tower.

Ursa blinks into battle using a Blink Dagger to surprise Rubick. The Intelligence hero takes a significant amount of damage from Ursa before casting Telekinesis on him to lift him off the ground. Telekinesis repositions Ursa a few units back near the tower in the top lane. Rubick can use Telekinesis to stun enemy heroes for up to 1.5 seconds in team fights. Telekinesis has a cooldown of 22 seconds and requires 110 mana to be used per cast. Ursa lands on the ground after the duration of Telekinesis and quickly regains momentum by using Earthshock. The carry hero leaps forward up to a distance of 225 and slows the movement speed of Rubick by 40% from Earthshock.

Fury Swipes is a dangerous passive ability that grants up to 37 bonus damage per hit. Ursa manages to attack Rubick with a basher to stun him in the top lane. Storm Spirit can be seen walking around Rubick but does not attack Ursa or try to disable him, letting his ally, Rubick, die from the damage dealt by physical attacks
from Ursa.

Rubick could have been saved by Storm Spirit by casting an Electric Vortex to drag Ursa away from Rubick. Many Dota 2 players tend to ignore their allies in battles, costing them the match as a result. However, Ursa gets blindsided by Storm Spirit and his friends in the game. Storm Spirit buys a Divine Rapier to tempt Ursa into focusing his attacks on the enemy hero. Divine Rapier grants a massive 350 attack damage to heroes in Dota 2. The item can be dropped upon death, giving carry heroes an advantage in team fights.

Storm Spirit is attacked and killed by Ursa. Unfortunately, Ursa loses the game before he can pick up the Divine Rapier. Allies of Storm Spirit attack the Ancient in the base to give the Radiant a glorious victory. You shouldn’t spend all of your time attacking enemy heroes. The match can only be won by taking down the Ancient of the enemy team in Dota 2.

Missed By An Ench

Enchantress is a support hero who can play multiple roles for her team. She can heal her allies in battles and punish enemy heroes in lanes. She is one of the fastest heroes in Dota 2 with a base movement speed of 320.

In this Dota WTF snippet, Enchantress heads to the river to pick up a Double Damage rune that’s glowing. Just as she approaches the Double Damage rune in the water, it disappears. Enchantress receives a tip for her struggles.

What do you think happened to the rune? Did Riki take it while he was invisible? Could Enchantress be tricked by her enemies? It turns out Disruptor was the enemy hero behind the master plan. Disruptor had placed an Observer Ward near the river and attacked it to make it disappear. Enchantress could have been faster by a few seconds to grab the Double Damage rune before it was smashed to pieces by Disruptor.

Runes can make a huge difference to the gameplay in Dota 2. Support heroes like Enchantress can activate runes to gain bonus movement speed, bonus attack damage, and reduce the cooldown of their abilities. The newly added Shield rune grants bonus protection against enemy attacks in the 7.33b patch, preventing heroes from getting killed in their lanes. Enchantress could have dealt loads of damage with a Double Damage rune and Impetus. She can deal Pure damage to enemy heroes using Impetus. Items like Force Staff can let Enchantress hop across the map to get plenty of kills in the new update.

A Jog In The Jungle

Juggernaut can be a fun hero to play in the 7.33b patch. The carry hero can slash his enemies with critical attacks that deal up to 190% of his attack damage per hit. He can restore health to himself and his allies by using a Healing Ward. Juggernaut can regain up to 5% of his maximum health per second with a Healing Ward that lasts for 25 seconds.

He can be seen hitting enemy heroes all over the map in most matches. Juggernaut can set foot on terrifying team fights and avoid getting hit by magical spells from enemy spells by using Blade Fury. He can spin at a fast rate to deal 165 damage per second to all enemy heroes around him in a radius of 260. Juggernaut is immune to most targeted spells while Blade Fury is active.

In this Dota WTF clip, you can witness Juggernaut trying to escape the clutches of his enemies in the top lane. He is chased by Mars, Muerta, and Witch Doctor in an epic fight. Muerta uses The Calling to silence Juggernaut for a few seconds. Mars hits a silenced Juggernaut with a God’s Rebuke to weaken his health. Juggernaut is cast with Hex, turning him into a critter for over 2 seconds in the top lane. Muerta and Witch Doctor move toward Juggernaut while he is Hexed. Witch Doctor casts Maledict on Juggernaut to amplify the damage taken by the carry hero.

Juggernaut snaps out of the Hex and spins his blades using Blade Fury to avoid taking damage from the enemy heroes. He is almost out of health when he casts Omnislash to chop down his enemies before losing his life. In an unexpected move, Juggernaut lands on a nearby neutral creep after using his ulti to step away from his enemies. Teammates of Juggernaut catch up to the scene and destroy them with their skills to save Juggernaut in the match.

Crystals In The Sand

Sand King is one of the latest heroes in the 7.33b update to be converted to a Universal hero. Despite the change in his primary attributes, Sand King can still enter in and out of battles with ease. He can stun multiple enemy units using Burrowstrike to deal 280 damage to them.

In this Dota WTF video, Sand King uses a Boots of Travel to teleport to the mid lane. He uses a Blink Dagger to jump on Crystal Maiden and immediately stuns her with a Burrowstrike. Sand King becomes undetectable to Crystal Maiden after stunning her by using Sand Storm. Crystal Maiden makes her way out of the Sand Storm and makes Sand King chase her toward her base. She spots Sand King after he walks out of the Sand Storm. Crystal Maiden uses Frostbite on Sand King to freeze him in the mid lane. Frostbite deals 100 damage per second (DPS) for 3 seconds. The ability has a cooldown of 6 seconds and requires 155 mana.

Crystal Maiden takes the chance to blink out of danger while Sand King is disabled by Frostbite. Sand King is adamant to get his kills and uses Blink Dagger to close in on Crystal Maiden before she can reach her fountain. He casts his ulti, Epicenter, to destroy Crystal Maiden before Frostbite can finish its cooldown to get
his much-deserved kill.

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