Halo’s Top 25 Players Of All Time Revealed

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Halo’s Top 25 Players Of All Time Revealed

Competitive Halo crowns its top 25 players of all time.

The Halo Champion Series (HCS) has concluded its list of the top 25 Halo players of all time. Since 2001, the Bungie Studios turned 343 Industries series captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Many recognize Halo as one of the pioneer tournament first-person shooter (FPS) titles from a competitive perspective. The journey began with Halo: Combat Evolved and continued with Halo 2 and Halo 3. Major League Gaming (MLG) gave the best players a platform to showcase their skills and compete against one another in an offline environment.

What transpired over the last 20 years will undoubtedly go down in history as a memorable time in competitive gaming. Players such as David “Walshy” Walsh, Tom “OGRE2” Ryan and Ben “Karma” Jackson emerged in the early days as legends in their own right. Others like Eric “Snipedown” Wrona, Justin “Roy” Brown and Tony “LethuL” Campbell Jr. broke through during the Halo 3 and Halo: Reach days.

Many legends have made their mark in competitive Halo, and HCS took it upon themselves to ask panelists to rank their top 25. HCS then took the aggregate results to compile the final standings. Some of the rankings sparked outrage and had well-known personalities in and out of the scene talking. Nonetheless, the results are in, so let's take a look at the entire list.

OGRE2 Ranked Greatest of all Time

The competition became a two-horse race between 40-time Halo tournament winner Tom “OGRE2” Ryan and two-time World Champion Tony “LethuL” Campbell Jr. OGRE2 ultimately claimed a seat atop the throne of competitive Halo as the greatest of all time.

OGRE2 began his career alongside his twin brother — Dan “OGRE1” Ryan — back during Halo: Combat Evolved and proceeded to excel in Halo 2. Here, OGRE2 and OGRE1 joined forces with David “Walshy” Walsh and Ryan “Saiyan” Danford. The four players achieved greatness between 2005 and 2007, winning 18 tournaments along the way.

The legendary player continued his success through Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. He stepped away during Halo 4 only to return after the launch of Halo 2: Anniversary and won two tournaments with Snakebite, Royal2 and Heinz. OGRE2 competed in Halo 5 until March of 2017 before transitioning into a coaching role. Now at 35-years-old, OGRE2 has been named the best Halo player of all time, and for a good reason.

LethuL Takes Second Place

As stated previously, the decision came down to the two best players of different generations. LethuL is unquestionably the OGRE2 of his era. Across 11 years of competition, LethuL has an astounding 59 tournament wins to his credit, including two back-to-back Halo World Championship victories in 2016 and 2017. Those wins alone netted his team $1.5M USD.

LethuL's career longevity and dominance exemplify what makes a generational talent. He could usurp OGRE2 as the GOAT, considering he'll return to competition when Halo: Infinite hits the market in December. He'll have some added motivation to show everyone why he is the best Halo player in history.

SnakeBite Lands in Third

Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte controversially finished in third over beloved Halo legend Justin “iGotUrPistola” Deese. Fans of Halo and followers of the HCS Top 25 took issue with many entries on the list. However, SnakeBite coming in at number three speaks to his 46 tournament victories over 14 years. He began his career in Halo 3 and ascended the ranks heading into Halo: Reach. Like his long-time teammate LethuL, SnakeBite holds back-to-back World Championship wins.

He'll look to continue moving up the ranks in Halo: Infinite as part of the Sentinels organization. Only time will tell how many more competitions this combination of players take home.

Complete Top 25 List

It's no secret that specific placements on the list garnered negative feedback from the community at large. Players, personalities and commentators took issue with Pistola in fourth, Snipedown in sixth, Roy in seventh, Walshy in eighth, OGRE1 in 11th and Tsquared in 17th.

Regardless, here is the complete top 25 list:

  1. OGRE2
  2. Lethul
  3. Snakebite
  4. Pistola
  5. Royal2
  6. Snipedown
  7. Roy
  8. Walshy
  9. Lunchbox
  10. Frosty
  11. OGRE1
  12. Elamite
  13. APG
  14. Shotzzy
  15. Heinz
  16. Ace
  17. Tsquared
  18. StrongSide
  19. Karma
  20. Legit
  21. Victory X
  22. Mikwen
  23. Fearitself
  24. Saiyan
  25. Ryanoob

The Halo Champion Series has already committed to the competitive scene for Halo: Infinite. Many recognizable esports organizations, such as FaZe Clan, Cloud9 and Sentinels. Many of the players on this list will grow their legacies, so seeing how the first competitive Halo season plays out in year one will be interesting.

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