Halo Master Chief Fortnite Skin Might Have Leaked Early

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Halo Master Chief Fortnite Skin Might Have Leaked Early

Is Spartan 117 heading to Fortnite?

Twitter has become a gold mine for early insight into Epic Games’ inner-workings. It did not take long after the debut of Fortnite’s latest season to learn that some truly iconic video game characters would be joining the game’s expansive roster of cosmetic skins. The PlayStation Store revealed that Kratos from the God of War series would become a Fortnite character soon.

The leaks did not stop there, as it appears Master Chief of the famous Halo series might become a Fortnite skin, possibly this season. Although Epic has not confirmed the leak, there is reason to believe that they are legitimate.

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The Master Chief Leaked Image

Fortnite leaker Mang0e caught wind of the Master Chief image above and did some investigative work. “I've tracked the source of this original image to 4Chan,” he said. “Guy who anonymously posted it claims he has a friend who works at epic who was right about Salty Towers and Mandalorian Mythics.”

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It’s not a lot to go off, but the image is somewhat convincing. Everything from the description to the Epic rarity seems to check out. 4Chan is hardly a reliable source, so perhaps the Halo/Fortnite fans out there should temper their expectations. However, there’s no reason to dispute the leaked image entirely. After all, the recent Kratos leak turned out to be accurate mere minutes later. Some other pictures leaked of Kratos, Master Chief and a Halo-themed glider and emote.

More Platform-Exclusive Skins to Come?

Perhaps Epic Games is making a move to collaborate with multiple exclusive characters across several platforms and consoles. Master Chief is one of the few solely Microsoft video game characters left, and the same goes for Kratos and Sony. Could this mean Nintendo is brewing up a crossover of its own with Epic Games and Fortnite? Mario would be a no-brainer in that regard, but again, the Master Chief leak is not official. It does bring into question if only Xbox players have the chance to purchase him. Whatever the case may be, it’s an exciting prospect.

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Fortnite developer Epic Games continues to grab headlines with new and exciting crossovers. What was once the most popular Battle Royale title continues to maintain the public eye in one way or another. Last season, Epic Games collaborated with Marvel Comics to bring a bunch of superheroes into Fortnite. It now seems that Fortnite will become the most inclusive video game of all time.

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Update – Master Chief Confirmed!

Reputable leakers HYPEX confirmed that Master Chief will become a Fortnite skin, along with the previously leaked Warthog emote, USNC Pelican glider and the newly revealed Gravity Hammer harvesting tool. Although there is no release date or confirmation from Epic Games, this is the closest we will get without hearing from the Fortnite Team.

Stay tuned for more Fortnite news and updates!

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