Halo Infinite: Pioneers’ “Druk” Accuses BBG Player “Minds” Of Cheating

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Halo Infinite: Pioneers’ “Druk” Accuses BBG Player “Minds” Of Cheating

Cheating accusations have surfaced in the competitive Halo Infinite scene.

Since the game dropped two months ago, cheating and hacking and Halo Infinite have been a hot debate. Like Call of Duty: Warzone, Infinite’s lack of dedicated anti-cheat software blurs the lines between a good player and a hacker. Several highly ranked professional players have called ranked matches borderline unplayable due to rampant cheaters.

This developing storyline took a turn for the worse earlier today. Yesterday, Halo Championship Series (HCS) team Kansas City Pioneers competed in a $10K USD tournament. They reached the Grand Finals but ultimately lost to the opposing HCS team Built By Gamers.

The match’s fallout led Pioneers’ player Roman “Druk” Nasirudin to accuse BBG’s “Minds” of using wallhacks. Footage from the tournament paved the way for a fiery discussion on Twitter.

Druk Accuses Minds of Cheating

Esports reporter Jake Lucky posted a clip of Druk sifting through Pioneers game five Slayer loss to BBG. The players show Minds’ perspective, pointing out his ability to shoot an opponent before seeing them. Based on the initial clips, it’s challenging to say whether the player was using wallhacks. Druk’s suspicions led him to publish a 25-minute video showcasing several instances of Minds allegedly tracking players through walls.

Druk’s YouTube Video

The video, titled “Stay Twisted,” went live on YouTube, which you can find above. Druk and several others in the call go kill-by-kill looking for a smoking gun in this case. Perhaps the most damning example occurs at 7:30 in the video. At that timestamp, Minds tracks a player through a wall, believing him to be sliding out of a building. However, the character model is not even remotely close to being in view.

If the accusations hold any merit, this would be the second instance of cheating in Halo Infinite since the season started; Sentinels player Mathew “Royal2” Fiorante’s server manipulation scandal being the first.

KingJay Responds to the Allegations

Built By Gamers member KingJay took to Twitter with his view of the controversy. In Twitlonger post, he stated that he does not condone cheating of any kind and would be the first to call Minds out.

“KCP we’re [sic] calling Minds a cheater before the series even started vs them for whatever reason, after watching the entire video Druk made the clip at 7:30 does stand out to me as the one “shady” clip definitely. While Infinite theatre mode is most certainly not the best that clip is a pretty hard one to explain, there was a call of one being a B stairs as seen in the video you see him shooting someone right before, Minds told us he was pre firing the repeek since they were flying at us all series.”

BBG Releases Formal Statement

The organization has since issued a statement regarding the accusations:

“We are aware of the accusations made against @Twissted_Mindss. We have communicated with him and he maintains no cheating. We stand by our player. We welcome any official review from 343. We do not tolerate cheating at any time and will always take actions should we receive confirmation. Competitive integrity is vital to the growth of this sport.”

BBG’s statement continues to say that they will not make judgements off of shoddy clips, social media mobs or players reacting in the heat of a loss. The organization stands behind its team and are open to an investigation—a sentiment Minds himself echoed in his comments on the matter.

Now, we wait to see if the HCS looks into this issue as it did with Sentinels player Royal2’s rule violation.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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