Halo Infinite May 10 Update Breakdown

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Halo Infinite May 10 Update Breakdown

Halo Infinite is getting a big update on May 10, so let's break down what's coming. 

Halo 5's Super Fiesta Coming To Infinite

Halo 5's Super Fiesta will be in Halo Infinite after the May 10 update. Some consider Super Fiesta not only Halo 5's best game mode but one of the best game modes across the entire series. Longtime Halo fans have remarked that Super Fiesta is the chaotic fun Infinite needs. We will see how impactful its launch in Infinite will do for the game.

Ranked King of the Hill Adjustments

The dev team has made several adjustments to ranked King of the Hill. They have reduced the initial hill spawn time from 15 seconds to 5 and removed the wind-up period to score. 

Players can now score right away after stepping upon the hill.

Sandbox Balancing

The developers have tuned several weapons to improve the state of the sandbox. 


The Disruptor will no longer deal DOT damage, but its Supercombine damage has jumped from 60 to 70. The rate-of-fire has increased from 4.285 seconds to 5, and chain distance has been halved from 5 World Units to 2.5.

Spike Grenade 

The spike grenade's number of flechette submunitions released on detonation has doubled from 8 to 16. Flechette bounce behavior has also been adjusted to be less erratic, enabling more accurate usage of spike grenades. 

The spike grenade's travel distance will go from 5 World Units to 2.5, the AOE damage radius from 3.2 World Units to 2, and the AOE damage will be 160 instead of 300; This isn't Sparta. 

Dynamo Grenade

The Dynamo Grenade's shock damage has increased from 18 per burst to 21, and its arming time will be 0.5 seconds instead of 0.65. The delay between shock damage pulses will decrease from 0.3 seconds to 0.25. An additional shock damage pulse will occur at 2.5 seconds. 

The shock AOE distance will decrease from 3.5 World Units to 2, and the shock chain damage from 5 wu to 2. Shock damage will also no longer have a movement stun. 

Minor Shroud Screen Adjustment

In Ranked Arena, the Shroud Screen will now start with one charge. 

Forge Improvements

The Forge will see some stability improvements after the May 10 update, and players will be able to upload PC screenshots more easily. Individual node script brains will now have a 128-node cap. 

Xbox Players Getting An FPS Counter

Halo Infinite on Xbox will soon be able to see their FPS data via an FPS counter after the May 10 update. As noted in the developer's note, this is especially good for Forge map makers to ensure that the map they are creating will be stable enough to play on. 

UXUI Changes

After the May 10 update, the Customs Game option will be selectable from the Customs Browser in the main menu. The number of playlists visible in your matchmaking menu will also double from 5 to 10. 

Players will also soon be able to purchase select season bundles from previous seasons via the Customization menu. 

Various bugs and other minor technical issues will receive fixes with this update. 

Halo Infinite has seen better days and is currently going through a bit of a slump. Its levels of engagement on Steam are rather low. Halo Infinite sits with an average of 3K players (The second-lowest its ever been) and a 30-day peak of only 6K. Super Fiesta may be the win the developers and players are looking for. 

Stay tuned for more updates on everything coming in Halo Infinite Season 4.

Halo Infinite May 10 Update Breakdown
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