Halo: FormaL Replaces Pistola on OpTic

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Halo: FormaL Replaces Pistola on OpTic

FormaL has officially replaced Pistola on OpTic Gaming’s competitive Halo team.

OpTic Gaming dropped a bombshell today, announcing that Matthew “FormaL” Piper would replace Justin “Pistola” Deese on its Halo Infinite roster. The organization revealed the unexpected change on Twitter today. It comes mere days following the North American Halo Championship Series (HCS) Regional in Anaheim. OpTic finished second behind the dominant Cloud9 team at the event. 

Despite the success, OpTic felt it was time to make a change. FormaL replaces the veteran Pistola and joins the likes of Trippy, Lucid and aPG. They hope to dethrone Cloud9 and become the top Halo Infinite team. 

OpTic FormaL is Official

No one expected OpTic Gaming to make this alteration so suddenly. The organization’s Halo roster has been a consistent number two team alongside FaZe Clan, Sentinels and eUnited behind Cloud9 since the season began. Moreover, OpTic just went toe-to-toe with C9 at Anaheim but ultimately lost 4-2 in the Grand Finals. 

It’s not often that a team drops one of its foundational pieces after a second-place result. Presumably, OpTic believed FormaL could elevate the team to another level. FormaL’s success with other teams speaks for itself, particularly his time on Sentinels as a substitute for Mathew “Royal2” Fiorante. There’s no telling what FormaL could accomplish alongside OpTic. 

Pistola Vows to Stay Sharp

Pistola remained in good spirits following his removal from OpTic Gaming. While he is still a member of the organization, Pistola is open to offers and still wants to compete this season. He wrote on Twitter:

“I’ll be grinding and staying in Halo shape for whatever opportunities come in the future. Thank you for the support.”

Considering every team’s inability to defeat Cloud9, there’s certainly a place for Pistola in the HCS. His results alongside OpTic are reason alone for him not to be a free agent very long. Other teams in the Halo scene will surely reach out to Pistola and look to make a deal happen. 

OpTic and Pistola’s Long-Term Future

The next offline Halo Championship Series tournament is not until April. That gives OpTic’s new roster a chance to adapt to the meta and become a force. For Pistola, he may not need to do much for teams to come knocking. The 29-year-old finished HCS Anaheim with the 23rd highest kill-death ratio. Despite his veteran status, Pistola has more gas in the tank and the competitive drive to win. 

If nothing else, the competitive Halo scene just got a whole lot more interesting with one significant team change. A lot more could follow over the next few weeks. Stay tuned to ESTNN for the latest on the Halo Championship Series and more!

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