How to Get Scarletite in FF 16 to Craft Powerful Weapons

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How to Get Scarletite in FF 16 to Craft Powerful Weapons

Want to track down Scarletite in FF 16? These are all of the sources of the crafting material and what you can use it for in-game.

Final Fantasy has tons of different materials you’ll need to amass. There are currencies which can force you to spend time farming Gil in FF 16, there are weapons, and even specific crafting materials. One of those that are giving a lot of players a bit of trouble in Scarletite in FF 16. This is one of the key crafting materials you’ll need to track down. It’s necessary for you to be able to make some pretty important items.

Tracking down Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16 isn’t going to be the easiest though. It’s one of the more high-value crafting materials out there, the game has a level of difficulty stopping you from just scooping up as much as you want.  Once you settle down in the Final Fantasy 16 Hideaway to start crafting some high-end items like the Drakeslayer’s Equipment, you might find that you’re still missing some Scarletite in ff 16!

If you want to make sure you’ve got enough of this to craft the more powerful items in the game, this is how you can get it and what it does in-game.

How to get Scarletite in FF 16 Scarletite in FF 16

Scarletite is a material you’ll need for crafting in Ff 16, but where exactly can you find it? It’s one of the items which drops as a reward for defeating some specific marks. These are little hunts you’ll have to track down and go on if you want to get the items that you’re after in-game.  However, if you’re more into the competing quests and trying to get to the late game then there’s a side-quests that rewards it here too. What’s convenient is that Hunts are also great for fast levelling in FF 16, so you’re getting two birds with one stone here.

There are a few different ways to grab the material. The easiest is the hunts since there are multiple Scarletitie as a reward for these. There are other methods too though, if you want to go a bit outside of the box. These are the ways you can get Scarletite in FF 16.

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Hunts to Get Scarletite in FF 16

Scarletite in FF 16

There are a few hunts which will give you the Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16. These are each of your hunts you’ll have to watch for and where you can find them.

Dozmare Hunt

The Dozmare Hunt will reward you with some Scarletitie in FF 16! This one is unlocked after you’ve completed the Blacksmith’s Blues side quest. This is going to become available after finishing the Black Light Burns main quest if you’re not quite through the main story fully yet. That’s the spot you’re going to have to get to.

The Dozmare Hunt might drop the valuable Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16, but it’s a trickier one at least for that spot in the game. It’s a Griffin hunt where you’ll need to be Level 28 and it’s a B-rank. It’ll be simple enough to complete once you’ve progressed through a few levels though. The location for this hunt is south of Caer Norvent River Gate. It can be a bit of a walk so you might want to consider taking your Chocobo to get there or fast travelling close.

A Hill to Die on Hunt

The next of hunts that reward you with Scarletitie in FF 16 is A Hill to Die On. This one is a step up from the Dozmare Hunt. It’s unlocked once you’ve completed the Riddle of the Sands main quest, so there’s no need to finish off any side quests to grab this one.

On the other hand, this is a trickier hunt though. It’s a level 34 B-rank hunt. To get to the hunt location, fast travel over to the Velkroy Desert Obelisk. From here, head to the northeast corner of the Velkroy Deser.t. Here you’ll find the Fastitocalon!

Once you complete this quest, you’ll get more Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16 as a reward. Unlike the earlier one, this is a bit higher value in the reward too. You’ll get a full two pieces of Scarletite for completing this quest rather than a single one. This definitely makes it worth doing even if you only want a low amount of the material right now. There aren’t too many crafting items that need Scarletite, so this can knock off half of them.

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Ten of Clubs Hunt Location

The next spot for you to get Scarletitie in FF 16 is the Ten of Clubs Hunt. This one is going to unlock once you’ve finished the Fire in the Sky quest in the main story. Like A Hill to Die On, it’s a bit raised in level but not quite as big of a gulf. This one is a Level 35 B-Rank Hunt. You can find it by heading to the Jaw Obelisk first, then travelling quite a distance over to Vamare in Dhalmekia.

Side Quest to Get Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16

The next way for you to get some Scarletitie in Final Fantasy 16 is actually a side quest. That’s the Hot Water quest. For this one, you’ll need to reach the Follow the Crystals part of the Riddles of the Sand main quest. One at this stage, you’re ready to unlock the final method.

For this side quest, you’ll need to head over to Xavier He’s located at the Baths in Dhalmekia. You need to start up the side quest and head over to the marked location.

The quest itself to get Scarletite in FF 16 is pretty simple. You will need to defeat some bombs. There isn’t a trick or anything here, just get through the required number and head back to Xaver.

What is Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16?

Scarletite in FF 16

Scarletitie is a crafting material which you’ll receive in FF 16 once you’ve done those hunts or even the side quest. It’s one of the rarer crafting materials, with thee being the only method to actually unlock it! You’ll need it to craft a few things though.

For a start, the Scarletite is needed for the Excalibur. It’s also here to grab the Drakeslayer’s Bel and get the Darkslayer’s Bracelets. These three items alone will mean you’ll have to complete at least two out of three of the quests. There are other crafting materials required here too.

Since these are high-level items, you’ll need to track down quite a few major items if you want to unlock them all. Make sure you’re following up hunts and completing side quests if you want to get all the materials and not be left searching something out for future for crafting.

How to Get Scarletite in FF 16 to Craft Powerful Weapons
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