Gen.G’s New Valorant Squad Secures Victory

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Gen.G’s New Valorant Squad Secures Victory

The first week of May opened up with intense competition between new Valorant squads from various organizations.

Gen.g is PrepareD For Battle

The Valorant roster announcements are pouring out from esports organizations as tournaments pop up weekly. Among those to announce rosters, recently was Gen.G, bringing Keven “PLAYER1” Champagne back into the esports spotlight. T1 x Nerd Street Gamers’ Valorant Invitational was an exciting display of skill from top players in Valorant. Each tournament hosted by top-tier organizations gets better and better as players become more familiar with the mechanics of Valorant. Cloud9 and Sentinels have recruited streamers and popular players to pad their roster for the new title. All while organizations like Gen.G and mouseSpaz have opted to recruit full rosters and build teams to compete at tournaments.

Gen.G won the T1 Valorant Invitation 2-1 against Team Brax in possibly the closest matchup of the weekend. These two teams are home to the best Valorant players we have seen so far which should be no surprise. Team Brax featured the man Braxton “swag/brax” Pierce himself, but also featured Keven “AZK” Larivière and Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham. Gen.G brought Player1 back into the competitive limelight, but player Danny “huynh” Huynh provided the support needed for the others to thrive. HUYNH and AZK both played Sage during this tournament, Valorant’s resident support agent. Their playstyles varied vastly from each other, with HUYNH taking a more defensive approach and AZK pushing in and popping off whenever possible.

Gen.G as an organization shows promise of a future in Valorant esports. Gen.G is one of the first organizations to announce a full roster despite Valorant being in closed beta. Individual skill goes a long way in Valorant, more so than in titles like Overwatch or League of Legends. On the flipside, flawless teamwork and consistent communication are what make a Valorant team successful. It’s not to say that the impromptu teams failed to show up, but over time we may see consistent rosters begin dominating the competitive scene.

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