GamerLegion Strengthens Roster with neaLaN and volt Signings

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GamerLegion Strengthens Roster with neaLaN and volt Signings

GamerLegion bolsters their roster with neaLaN and volt signings, aiming to maintain their competitive edge after losing key players in the off-season

GamerLegion, following the departure of two players to prominent teams during the off-season, has announced the signings of Sanzhar “neaLaN” Iskhakov and Sebastian “volt” Maloș. The additions of neaLaN and volt aim to solidify the team's lineup after the departure of Mihai “iM” Ivan and Kamil “siuhy” Szkaradek, who joined Natus Vincere and MOUZ respectively.

GamerLegion has been steadily establishing themselves as one of the top squads in the European tier two circuit. However, it was their exceptional performance at the recent BLAST Paris Major that propelled them onto the global stage. Defying all expectations, the underdog team reached the grand final of the event despite being the lowest-ranked squad in attendance. This success led to the departure of their highly-regarded players, siuhy and iM, who were picked up by larger teams during the off-season.

In their quest to maintain their competitiveness, GamerLegion has made strategic signings. One of their new acquisitions is volt, who garnered attention during the BLAST Paris Major while playing for the Into the Breach roster. Into the Breach surprised the world by advancing to the playoffs of the tournament. volt played a crucial role in the team's success, particularly on the T-side, where he achieved an impressive 1.08 rating. Prior to his time with Into the Breach, volt showcased his skills during a stint with fnatic Rising, maintaining a solid 1.10 rating over a seven-month period and contributing to the team's victory in the WePlay Academy League.

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neaLaN joins GamerLegion after a lackluster period with Evil Geniuses, where the young in-game leader struggled to reverse the fortunes of the North American organization. During his time with Evil Geniuses, neaLaN achieved a 0.96 rating and had limited success in international competitions. The team's best result during his tenure was a second-place finish at the IEM Road to Rio Americas RMR tournament. Prior to joining Evil Geniuses, neaLaN spent two years with K23, where he secured victories in various tier two European events, including the Pinnacle Winter Series and Funspark ULTI Europe Playoffs.

With the addition of neaLaN and volt, GamerLegion aims to strengthen their roster and build upon their recent accomplishments. The team has demonstrated resilience and potential, proving that they can compete against higher-ranked teams. As they continue their journey, fans eagerly anticipate the synergy and impact that neaLaN and volt will bring to GamerLegion's gameplay.


GamerLegion Strengthens Roster with neaLaN and volt Signings
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