Volt And Into The Breach Part Ways

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Volt And Into The Breach Part Ways

Sebastian “volt” Malos is no longer an Into The Breach player, the organization has announced

Into the Breach has officially declared their separation from Sebastian “⁠volt⁠” Malos. The 21-year-old played a crucial role in the British organization's impressive growth during the initial months of 2023. 

Volt And Into The Breach Part Ways

Credit: Into The Breach

The BLAST.tv Paris Major Europe RMR in Copenhagen, Denmark witnessed volt and Into the Breach leave a lasting impression, clinching the third spot and earning themselves a direct pass to the Legends Stage of the Major.

The 21-year-old emerging star proved himself invaluable to his team's success as they embarked on a phenomenal 3-1 journey in the highly competitive Regional Major Ranking (RMR) event. Earning a commendable 1.10 rating, he consistently demonstrated remarkable talent. As the competition intensified at the Major tournament, he continued to shine brightly, displaying flashes of brilliance in the team's victories over ENCE and FaZe, ultimately securing a spot in the playoffs.

volt's illustrious tenure with ITB culminated in a memorable final tour at the prestigious local ESL Premiership, where he led his team to national glory triumphing over teams like Viperio and Endpoint. volt maintained an impressive 1.24 rating across three matches as ITB went on to lift the trophy. 

Into The Breach Current Lineup 

  • Karol “⁠rallen⁠” Rodowicz
  • Joey “⁠CRUC1AL⁠” Steusel
  • Cai “⁠CYPHER⁠” Watson
  • Thomas “⁠Thomas⁠” Utting
  • Gustavo “⁠Juve⁠” Alexandre (coach)
Volt And Into The Breach Part Ways
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