GamerLegion Launch Women’s Counter-Strike Team

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GamerLegion Launch Women’s Counter-Strike Team

GamerLegion have signed Let Her Cook players as part of their expansion into the women's Counter-Strike scene

The renowned German esports organization GamerLegion is making a significant move into the competitive realm of women's Counter-Strike. They've made an exciting announcement regarding their latest acquisition, a roster that has been competing under the banner of “Let Her Cook.”

GL Prism: GamerLegion Start Women’s Counter-Strike Team

GamerLegion Launch Women’s Counter-Strike Team

Credit: @GamerLegion

The newly formed team will compete under the “GL Prism” label. This formidable squad features the core members of the former Astralis W lineup, and introduces two promising newcomers to the ESL Impact League: Chloe “KittyTM” Geaney and Melissa “meli” Aylin.

The European roster has successfully secured a spot in the currently ongoing fourth season of the ESL Impact. As they navigate through the round-robin group stage, their current record stands at 1-1.

Their journey in this season's ESL Impact has been marked by an impressive victory against shinigami, where they demonstrated their tactical finesse and teamwork. They also faced a formidable opponent in G2 Oya, resulting in a hard-fought loss.

In their upcoming matchup, the team is set to face off in Group B of the premier women's league, marking their much-anticipated debut under the GamerLegion banner. Their opponents for this crucial encounter are none other than the Season 3 runners-up, NAVI Javelins.

GL Prism Lineup

GL Prism currently are:

  • Héjja “⁠kezziwow⁠” Kászandrá
  • Yoana “⁠Joanana⁠” Vlaykova
  • Luna “⁠ManeschijnX⁠” Akkermans
  • Melissa “⁠meli⁠” Aylin
  • Chloe “⁠KittyTM⁠” Geaney
  • Jetmir “⁠mdm⁠” Bediu (coach)
GamerLegion Launch Women’s Counter-Strike Team
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