ENCE Athena: ENCE Announce Women’s CSGO Roster

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ENCE Athena: ENCE Announce Women’s CSGO Roster

ENCE have announced the arrival of ENCE Athena, their first women’s CSGO lineup

Finnish CSGO giants ENCE have started a women’s team. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of Greek mythology, they've aptly christened their women's division “ENCE Athena.”

ENCE are taking a momentous stride into the realm of women's CSGO by officially signing the core members of the “Aces” team. 

Who Are ENCE Athena?

ENCE Athena: ENCE Announce Women’s CSGO Roster

Credit: @ENCE

This group of exceptional talents recently showcased their prowess in the ESL Impact Season 3 Europe tournament, where they delivered an impressive performance that culminated in a respectable 7-8th place finish, amassing a commendable 2-3 record along the way.

ENCE Athena's roster includes Lotta “Waldee” Liesmala, Milona “miLo” Tiainen, Tude “oxycet” Gürsoy, and Halat “Missy” Naby, who previously played under the Aces banner in the third Impact League. Their lineup is further bolstered by the addition of Oleksandra “manka” Kruspe, formerly of G2 Oya.

“At ENCE, we have had our eyes on women's Counter-Strike and, especially, on the Impact league for a while now,” ENCE's General Manager, Niklas “Willkey” Ojalainen, revealed. 

“Over the past year, we had opportunities to sign multiple different rosters under our banner, and now, we have landed on the five players with whom we want to enter the scene.

“It feels like this has been a long time coming as we complete our presence in the Counter-Strike landscape.”

Who Is The ENCE Athena Coach?

In the coaching role, Sead “Djury” Jahovic takes charge of the team, drawing from his past experiences, which include a brief stint with the revered FPL-C mix-team Tikitakan, where he played alongside notable names like Lotan “Spinx” Giladi and Shahar “flameZ” Shushan. Additionally, he worked with the emerging talent Cai “CYPHER” Watson during his time at Real Betis.

“We have big goals as a team that we hope to achieve soon,” Djury said, “including qualifying to the ESL Impact LAN and winning the season. We are also aiming to reach HLTV #180 and compete against men’s teams.”

ENCE Athena is set to compete in the upcoming ESL Impact Season 4 Europe, scheduled to kick off on September 13.

ENCE Athena Current Lineup

This is the present ENCE Athena lineup:

  • Lotta “⁠Waldee⁠” Liesmala
  • Milona “⁠miLo⁠” Tiainen
  • Halat “⁠Missy⁠” Naby
  • Tude “⁠oxycet⁠” Gürsoy
  • Oleksandra “⁠manka⁠” Kruspe
  • Sead “⁠Djury⁠” Jahovic (coach)


ENCE Athena: ENCE Announce Women’s CSGO Roster
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