G2 Esports’ New Women’s Rocket League Team G2 LUNA

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G2 Esports’ New Women’s Rocket League Team G2 LUNA

G2 Esports announces its all-new Women's Rocket League team G2 Luna.

G2 Esports has started its first women's Rocket League team called G2 Luna. This is its 4th women's esports roster for G2 Esports alongside Valorant, CS:GO and League of Legends. G2 Luna is set to compete in the North American region which is a huge step into inclusivity in the Rocket League Esports scene. The team is set to compete in top tournaments from women's only competitions and has hopes of getting into top A-Tier tournaments. The team has brought in three players with lots of experience in competing in hopes they can be a highly competitive team in their region. G2 and other teams have made it clear that they are wanting to create teams and develop players no matter what their gender is. Esports is something that should be solely based on skill alone and this team is all about diversity in Rocket League.

G2 Luna Roster

The team has been launched announcing three new players who are set to compete in upcoming Rocket League tournaments.

Gio “Avenger” Sy was previously on the Flashes of Brilliance women's team in 2021 but ended up leaving the team in early 2022 and retiring from competing. She has had her fair share of tournament wins and could bring her experience to the team as they grow.

Jamie “Karma” Bickford has been inactive from the competitive scene as a player for the last year but also has lots of experience to bring to the table. She has been in over 10 different teams since 2016 and has amassed a tournament total winnings of over $36,000. She has competed in many RLCS North American tournaments and has also been a commentator and analyst for this year's RLCS European regional events. She is a great member who will use her years of experience in A-Tier competitions to develop the team and possibly lead it to success.

Carlee “KIAA” Eichhorst competed for Canada in the Commonwealth Games Esports Championship team alongside Avenger back in 2022. She too has experience in competing but has yet to play in more known competitions. She is currently a Grand Champ in 2v2s and a Champ 3 in 3v3s so she has the ability to compete at a high level.

Women's Rocket League Teams

A lot of the top RLCS such as Gen.G, Endpoint CeX and Williams Resolve (to name a few) have also gone down the route of bringing in women's rosters to try and bring more inclusivity to esports. Not only is this great for Rocket League but for Esports in general as teams across many other games have started to do this too. Women are allowed to compete in RLCS on standard teams but having these teams allows them to also compete in the women's esports tournaments as well. More teams are expected to create women's teams in the future as the tournament scene expands to allow people from all genders to reach the pinnacle of the Rocket League Esports scene.

G2 Esports’ New Women’s Rocket League Team G2 LUNA
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