Fuse Is The Next Apex Legend, Season 8 Date Teased

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Fuse Is The Next Apex Legend, Season 8 Date Teased

Here is our first look at Fuse, who appears to be the next Apex Legends playable character.

Apex Legends’ Season 8 is known to the world. Respawn Entertainment revealed in a story from the outland premier the lore of two important characters. One of the characters shown in the video is Fuse, the confirmed next Apex Legend, which we can possibly expect on February.

Who is Fuse?

Fuse is the next Legend – presuming it is no Revenenat bait and switch. He originates from the planet of Salvo, is some type of freedom fighter, and competes in underground fighting pits called the bone pits. He is the ring champion, but his thirst for combat in bloodsports is heading to the Apex Games.

His friend, who is more into fighting the corporate ruling class, didn’t take too kindly to the news. She stole the golden grenade that is an iconic part of their relationship and detonated it after years of it being part of their lives. Due to the explosion, Fuse lost his arm, meaning Fuse’s look could differ from the one we have from the trailer.

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Fuse’s Abilities

Fuse hasn’t had his full unveil yet, but we do have some teasers at what his abilities could be. Similarly to Horizon, Respawn Entertainment had in-game teasers as they built hype to Season 7. Fuse’s abilities come in the form of packaged grenades on the ground, in the recent January 15 update. They look like little missiles that haven’t detonated on the ground. If a player chooses to kill them, they explode, doing an are of effect detonation and leaving behind some incendiary.

This may be a 2-in-1 teaser. Has Fuse’s tactical ability could be an incendiary grenade, with his ultimate being a passive payload bomb. All of this is speculation, as Respawn Entertainment still needs to do full feature reveals for the upcoming Season 8 launch.

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Season 8 Release Date

At the end of the trailer, Respawn Entertainment revealed a date; that date is February 2. The date likely implies the next season’s release date, which coincides with content drop Tuesday and as close to the game’s anniversary as it can get to. It feels safe to say this is the release date of Season 8, but it could just be another teaser to a big announcement.

With all that said, this is all we know so far of the latest Apex Legends Season 8. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as Respawn reveals more features of Apex Legends’ upcoming content drop.

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Featured image via Respawn Entertainment.

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