French Legend and Major Winner kennyS Announces Retirement at Paris Major

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French Legend and Major Winner kennyS Announces Retirement at Paris Major

KennyS, the French marksman who shaped almost every pro AWPer, is saying goodbye to the competitive world after over a decade-long career

Before the Paris Major 2023 Semifinals game between Vitality and Apeks, Kenny “kennyS” Schrub appeared in front of the crowd at Accor Arena to declare his retirement from competitive Counter-Strike. This news didn’t come as a huge surprise considering his recent assignment to the content creation role in Falcons’ roster. 

The legendary AWPer, known for his aggressive scope-ins and unbelievable flick shots, had a magnificent career that most players can only dream of. His journey in the competitive realm started from Source under the Team eXtensive! squad in 2012. During his 11 years of an eventful career, the Frenchman participated in 14 Majors, winning one of them in 2015 and also getting 11 LAN trophies to his name. 

After switching to CS:GO from CS:S with the French roster VeryGames in 2012, kennyS started to get noticed in the professional scene. His first big break was with Titans, a now-disbanded organization that the marksman helped to win the 2014 DreamHack Stockholm Invitational LAN. However, his most cherished achievement was after leaving Titans to join the North American Envy, as he led his new team to a trophy in the 2015 DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca Major while also securing the MVP award.

We haven’t seen much from this 28-year-old in recent years, with his last big achievements being in 2017, the year he joined G2. After a 5-year voyage with the German team and only achieving two LAN trophies, kennyS switched to Falcons last year and is still under their contract. With his new roster, the sharpshooter struggled in the European RMRs and failed to lead his team to the last CS:GO Major that’s happening right now.

kennyS is, without a doubt, one of the icons of French Counter-Strike, shining in the golden days of competition and participating in the birth of the Global Offensive. He will be dearly missed as we are about to head into the CS2 era soon.

French Legend and Major Winner kennyS Announces Retirement at Paris Major
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