ForZe Opens Online CS:GO School for Players of all Levels

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ForZe Opens Online CS:GO School for Players of all Levels

ForZe Esports is opening their own CS:GO school for those who aim to become professional CS:GO esports athletes. The system is based on programs with three levels of difficulty with final tests and exams after each one.

People of any age can study in ForZe’s CS:GO school, but if you are under 18, you need parental consent.

To apply, you need to fill out the application form, then pass an interview with a coach and play a test game. After that, the player will be assigned to one of three skill groups:

  • Beginner Level: This class lasts one month and costs about $67 or 5000 Russian Roubles. During this month, you will learn the basics of game mechanics and competitive CS:GO settings. It will totally prepare you to start truly playing the game.
  • Amateur Level: This class lasts two months and costs about $108 or 8000 Russian Roubles monthly. You will get your own personalized KPI-list and practice matches with subsequent analysis. Also, you will study tactical preparation and aim training methods. Finally, you will learn how to set tasks and goals properly to further your learning.
  • Advanced Level: This level lasts three months & costs about $148 or 11000 Russian Roubles monthly. It includes advanced tactical preparation and aim training methods in addition to setting up goals and tasks. There are more practice matches with the following analysis and KPI-list. It's similar to amateur level but deeper and more professional.
  • Semi-pro Level: To start taking this class level, you first have to pass the Advanced one. In it, you will work with both psychologists and SMM-specialists. You'll also watch demos and receive detailed breakdowns of your game and in-game decision-making.  It's a rigorous program and will require you to systematically practice and perform in-game exercises.

The Goal of the School

The goal of ForZe's CS:GO school is to find talented prospects and provide them all the conditions needed for them to improve. With the help of the school, players who aim to become pro-CS:GO players will grow and develop faster.

Additionally, you can request personal lessons. For example, one hour of personal training under the guidance of Anatoliy “liTTle” Yashin, the coach of ForZe’s CS:GO squad, will cost about $135 or 10000 of Russian Roubles. liTTle will take part not only in the personal lessons program but he will also be partially involved in the educational process overall. Alongside with him, ForZe presented two more teachers: Konstantin “Pr1zraK” Krivosheev and Alexey “DSTR” Baranov.

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