Fortnite’s Top Players Are Unhappy With the Game’s State

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Fortnite’s Top Players Are Unhappy With the Game’s State

Professional Fortnite players have reached a breaking point ahead of FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2. 

The sentiment surrounding competitive Fortnite is at its lowest point in quite some time. While the game’s Zero Build mode reinvigorated it from a casual perspective, top competitors are at their wits’ end. With the seasonal Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) only one week away, the community at large has voiced its concerns via Twitter. 

Complaints are certainly nothing new in the Fortnite scene. In fact, it’s become a vicious cycle that consistently fails to break. Unfortunately, this season has pushed many of Fortnite’s most reputable names to their breaking point. This situation has left players hoping that Epic Games will take action before it’s too late. 

Mero’s Twitlonger Draws Attention

Many of the Fortnite’s best talents, including five-time FNCS Champion Mero and World Cup Champion Bugha, have made their opinions known. The former has been a perennial contender for several seasons. Mero notably won the final two FNCS tournaments of Chapter 2 and proceeded to win FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 alongside Bugha. The NA East player’s long-winded Twitlonger post gives insight into the minds of many competitors.

Mero cited four examples of Epic’s shortcomings that have directly affected the competitive landscape:

  • Players were kicked out of a pivotal FNCS Qualifier match and Epic chooses not to restart
  • Hackers consistently finding ways to compete in cash tournaments
  • The purpose of Performance Cups are a mystery
  • Complaints regarding a lack of communication and the Fortnite Professional Players’ Association (FNPPA) 
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The issues outlined by Mero have been common in the Fortnite space for some time. Unfortunately, these problems ultimately boil down to communication—an aspect Mero pointed out in his lengthy post. While some players refuse to give Epic credit, the developers have recently been much more open-minded and communicative than in past seasons. Still, Mero feels as though complaints regarding the state of Fortnite tend to fall on deaf ears. 

Bugha & Others Agree, Something Needs to Change

Mero’s criticism focuses on the big picture, whereas many others find it challenging to look past the current meta. Last season, professional players wanted the Spider-Man item removed from the game. Epic never completely removed the item—instead of choosing to balance it. This season, cars, and trucks have become a significant issue. The clip above, courtesy of fangoszn, displays what the end games have become in Chapter 3 Season 2. 

Players can put the Chonkers vehicle mod on a semi-truck and combine that with the newly released Repair Tool. It’s a lethal combination that allows competitors to sit in a vehicle and drive around with minimal risk. Furthermore, players feel SMGs remain too powerful, hackers run rampant and servers are unreliable.

Bugha — Fortnite’s only World Champion — tweeted out a meme of Homer Simpson wearing a sign that reads “The End Is Near.” It’s concerning to read such a message from the most accomplished Fortnite player in history. The various issues pointed out across the scene might not be fixable in short order. Perhaps Epic could remove the Repair Tool or make the item less effective. As for the other concerns, the developers may need to look deeper. 

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The ball is now in Epic Games’ court following a night of disgruntled players and their criticisms of competitive Fortnite in its current form. FNCS Chapter 3 Season 2 begins next week, and there’s no telling how this story will evolve. 

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