Fortnite: Bugha, Clix Miss Pivotal FNCS Match, Epic Chooses not to Replay

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Fortnite: Bugha, Clix Miss Pivotal FNCS Match, Epic Chooses not to Replay

A handful of FNCS contenders failed to queue into game five of Qualifier 1, and Epic decided to move forward.

Competitive Fortnite players worldwide are in the midst of the year’s first Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) tournament. Boasting more than a $3M USD prize pool, the competition defines greatness and showcases the scene’s top talents. The action thus far has been intense in Qualifier 1. However, controversy is not far when discussing high-level Fortnite.

Today marked the first opportunity for top Duos to punch their ticket directly to the Chapter 3 Season 1 Final. Only eight teams in each region would earn that right, making every elimination and placement point matter.

Unfortunately, a collection of NA East Duos could only watch as the worst possible scenario unfolded. Multiple players, including Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf and Cody “Clix” Conrod, failed to connect in game five of round three, and Epic Game ultimately said “no” to a restart.

Game Five Issues

The NA East competition had just two games remaining with significant implications. Duos needed a top-eight finish to guarantee a spot in the Chapter 3 Season 1 Finals. Teams led by Fortnite World Cup 2019 Champion Bugha and the ultra-popular Clix were within striking distance. Game five provided a crucial moment for these two Duos and many others to move up the leaderboard.

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That was the case until a matchmaking error stunned 13 players. Bugha took to Twitter after not queueing into the fifth of six matches:

“13 players just didnt get in the game of finals because of “session has expired” please restart.” He followed that shortly after, stating, “in top 4 too and now we're probably going to get pushed down hard before last game, its a joke at this point.” The 2019 World Champ sat in an unfavorable position alongside Duo partner TNA Mero.

Epic Chooses not to Restart

Bugha soon received word that Epic Games would not restart the match—a decision he called “such a joke.” Clix, too fell victim to the error and quickly went to Twitter with a clip of his reaction. He and his teammate “Deyy” had 60 points and game five could have pushed them closer to the top eight.

Two other talented players — Nounzy and Sprite — failed to queue into game five and could only wait for game six to have a chance at qualifying. Bugha and Mero ultimately became the only Duo to qualify despite missing game five. While an impressive achievement, the afflicted players voiced their frustrations.

Did Epic Make the Right Call?

Players are always quick to blast Epic Games for its decisions. Whether a game change or an overpowered weapon, the community constantly examines the developers under a microscope. Those unfortunate teams have a right to feel cheated. After all, they’re competing for millions of dollars and the right to call themselves the best. How can they flourish if the opportunity is taken from them?

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Epic could have restarted the game, but that did not happen. A few seasons back, MrSavage and trippernn were banned mid-game and had the chance to replay the match. However, an excerpt located in Chapter 3’s ruleset covers session errors.

Rule 5.2.1 in the official FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 addresses this precise issue:

“Due to the nature and scale of online competition, except as otherwise determined by Epic in its sole discretion, matches will not be restarted or made null due to Bugs, Intentional Disconnections, Server Crashes, or Unintentional Disconnections. Except as otherwise determined by Epic in its sole discretion, any technical issues or Bug encounters, whether defined in this Section 5 or not, must be played through and will not be cause for a remake.”

Epic would have needed to make the call to restart the match but decided against that. Bugha and Mero managed to qualify, while all other game five absentees failed to achieve as much. The developers likely won’t address the game five controversy; others will have to look toward the next FNCS Qualifier.

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