Fortnite X Postparty – How to Get Free Cosmetics

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Fortnite X Postparty – How to Get Free Cosmetics

Fortnite X Prosperity is celebrating the launch of Epic’s latest app with free Fortnite cosmetics! This is how you can unlock everything.

Epic Games has just launched Postparty, a new app to help players share gameplay highlights from their own titles. This new software cuts down the barrier to entry for players sharing their own clips. However, it also comes with a major plus. Free Fortnite cosmetics. Fortnite X Postparty is giving players a chance to get a couple of free in-items cosmetics by jumping on board the new app.

This new App seems specifically built for Fortnite and Rocket League. The tool will make it easier than ever to find clips from games of Fortnite and share them on social media. No more copying over video and processing it yourself, or using the clunky sharing interface of a console to try and tweet out the ending of your 14-kill game! Even if you’re not that interested in clipping your highlights, though, free Fortnite cosmetics are pretty much always fun.

These new Fortnite X Postparty cosmetics include a few different items. Most players are going to be eligible for these new rewards and it’s easy to set up on any platform that hosts the Battle Royale. It’s a quick process to unlock them, but you’ll have to jump in on Epic’s latest app to unlock everything.

This is what’s available with the cosmetic crossover and how to get the free items in-game.

Fortnite X Postparty

Fortnite X Postparty is celebrating the launch of a brand-new app from Epic. This is a familiar tactic to long-time players. Epic likes to cross Fortnite over with whatever they’re launching. If you throw in some free cosmetics, it likely helps Epic onboard new players for whatever they’re launching. At least, that’s likely if you factor in how many Mancake skins from the Fortnite X Fall Guys event you see around the game.

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Postparty is kind of similar to Houseparty. It’s a new app that will integrate with Epic’s existing games like Fortnite and Rocket League. Players can use it easily to interact with other players but also share gameplay. The most important part of the app seems to be how easily it lets you take out clips of highlights. This new app can integrate with your Epic games account. Once you capture a clip, it will be sent over to your Postparty. You can then simply open the app and share the clip all over on social media channels.

Postparty probably has a lot more to do with Houseparty than it might first seem. Epic Games bought and shut down the developer of the app in 2021. While they took a while to act on it, bringing out this new competitor app might be what they’ve used that purchase for.

Taking clips on modern PCs and consoles has gotten easier. Postparty helps to remove even the slightest barrier to sharing these moments, though. There’s no excuse for not getting a clip of a big pop-off moment anymore.

These new Fortnite X Postparty cosmetics are a great incentive to give the app a chance. Players will have to make use of the new Postparty app to unlock everything.

How to Get the Free Fortnite X Postparty Rewards

Fortnite x Postparty

There are a few new items that you can grab with the Fortnite X Postparty rewards. These are all of the rewards you can grab in this crossover.

  • Postparty Wrap
  • Emote

How to get the Fortnite X Postparty Rewards

If you want to grab every free cosmetic that you can, then these new items are going to be easy to unlock. There are a few basic steps that you need to take to get access to them in Fortnite. This is how you can unlock all of the free rewards.

  • Download Postparty – It’s available in both major mobile app stores. It only takes up 60 MB, so it shouldn’t be a huge problem for most players.
  • Sign in – You’ll need to sign in with the Epic Games account that is tied to your own Fortnite account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take clips or send the rewards to the correct account.
  • Head to Fortnite
  • Capture a Clip – In Fortnite, capture a clip in-game. This doesn’t necessarily have to be something worth clicking. You can pick any moment just to get the rewards. This is how you can do that on each platform.
    • PlayStation and Xbox – Share button
    • Switch – Hold Capture Button
    • PC – Check keybinds for exact input
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Share the Clip – The last stage is to share the clip that you’ve taken! This can be on a burner account if it’s not something that you’re proud of. Or you could play through till a Victory Royale and get something worth sharing!

Once you complete all of these steps, you should unlock the Fortnite X Postparty rewards. These are only going to be available for a limited time, so grab them while you can if you want to complete your collection of free Fortnite cosmetics!

How Long is the Fortnite X Postparty Rewards Available?

The Fortnite X Postparty rewards are a limited-time prize. Epic will be discontinuing them soon enough. At that point, players will be locked out of them for the duration. Although, this is just a wrap and spray, not a unique outfit, it’s not like you’re missing out on one of the rarest Fortnite skins.

In terms of how long it’ll last, Epic hasn’t clarified. This could mean it’ll end in a month or in two weeks. They’ll be turning off the crossover at some point though, so if you want to be on the safe side jump in and get the Fortnite X Postparty rewards now.

These latest free cosmetics join the FNCS Twitch Drops as one of quite a few different ways to get free items in-game right now. If you’re a completionist, make sure you don’t miss out on anything over the next few weeks.

Fortnite X Postparty – How to Get Free Cosmetics
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