Leak Reveals Future Fortnite x Fall Guys Collaboration

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Leak Reveals Future Fortnite x Fall Guys Collaboration

Two of the gaming world’s most impactful games of the last few years will team up for a skin collaboration.

Fortnite Battle Royale and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are two titles that earned their stripes during their respective release time. Although the global popularity has slowed down a bit, Fortnite remains one of the most active games to date, grossing billions of dollars since its release in 2017. Fall Guys saw a similar following when it hit Steam just last year. Many curious players flocked to its Mario Party-like mini-game feel through the COVID-19 pandemic. Who could have ever guessed that Fortnite would cross over into the world of Fortnite?

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Fortnite Skins/Characters to Appear in Fall Guys

Twitter user FNLeaksAndInfo is responsible for uncovering this unforeseen crossover. Based on the leak, we can assume that Fortnite’s Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, Peely, Bunny Brawler and Ripley are on the list to appear in Fall Guys. It’s not the first time we’ve seen exclusive skins in Fall Guys, either. Characters themed to video game icon Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and G2 Esports also arrived in a recent update. Mediatonic – the team behind Fall Guys – is looking to expand more upon the game’s current cosmetic offerings.

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Could Fall Guys Characters Appear in Fortnite?

Epic Games’ savvy approach to collaborations is typically a mutual relationship. We’ve seen as much with the recent Rocket League x Fortnite crossover from a few months ago. It’s worth pondering whether Fall Guys will follow that same path and exchange properties. There’s no telling what the Fall Guys jellybean-like characters would look like in Fortnite, but Epic can make anything work. There is no anticipated release date for the Fortnite x Fall Guys collaboration.

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