Quadrant Rocket League Team Already Playing in RCLS

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Quadrant Rocket League Team Already Playing in RCLS

A new Quadrant Rocket league team is launching and they’re already off to a strong start.

Quadrant esports have this week announced a big expansion in their rosters. The org is entering Rocket League! A Quadrant Rocket League team was announced, with some big players joining their roster to compete in future events. Quadrant is already active in a few areas, including Halo and esports games related to racing. This is a new type of card-based competitive gaming for them, though. Can they successfully make the jump from driving to rocket-powered car football?

This is a big expansion for them. Quadrant have expanded quite a bit recently, entering Halo only a short while ago. Their Rocket League team might have just been announced, but they’ve already competing and facing some of the biggest names in esports.

Quadrant Rocket League Team

Quadrant esports are expanding out into Rocket League this week. The team’s full roster has been announced, featuring an entirely British roster for their players! Although, their support staff is a bit more international. This is the roster for the Quadrant Rocket League team:

  • Kurtis ‘Kash’ Cannon
  • Lucas ‘RelatingWave’ Rose
  • Rylan ‘eekso’ Pickering
  • Snaski1– Coach
  • Buttery Hotness – Analyst

This roster gets them off to a strong start in the game. Kash has a lengthy history in the game. He’s been part of teams that have won Twitch Rials events, along with competing in the RLCS several times.

RelatingWave was recently part of Endpoint, taking decent placements at Gamers8 alongside other top-tier events for Rocket League. Eekso also has a decent history, especially with Luminosity Gaming.

Creating a team of players with an experience like this should help the Quadrant Rocket League team get off to a strong start.

Who are Quadrant

Lando Norris initially founded Quadrant. The Formula one driver announced the company as a competitive gaming organization and a lifestyle brand. It’s brought together many of the racer’s passions, combining gaming, some racing, and esports. This unique position for an org has led to some fun promotions for Quadrant.

Their entry into Halo coincided with Formula One-style Master chief helmets being sold to commemorate the team’s crossover. Moving into the world Rocket League is a natural fit for this org that’s always expanding. There’s some steep competition in Rocket Leagues esports, but more teams are definitely an interesting move for the team.

Quadrant founder Lando Norris spoke about the new signing, saying on choosing Rocket League “I’m been pretty desperate to get into Rocket League for a while now… I finally have a roster with which we can go straight into the majors.” 

Quadrant Rocket League Team Getting Started

Rocket League Image ESTNN, ESPAT Photo By: David Doran

The roster moving to Quadrant has only been announced today. However, they’ve already started competing in the game. Under the new name, they’ve played several matches already on October 14.

They started out by facing Moist Esports, a difficult match-up for the Rocket League squad. They’ve taken recent wins at the Spring Split Major and placed 5-8th at the RLCS World Championship. Quadrant lost this match 1-3. However, their first day hasn’t been a wash by any means.

Following this match, they played Evil Geniuses and won 3-0. Taking a win off of one of the most established squads in Rocket League was a bit of a boost for them. The rest of the day was mixed at times. They lost to G1, 1-3. However, they went on to win against both Solary and Aogiri, taking both 3-2.

The Quadrant Rocket League team is already proving to be a decent force in the RLCS EU region. They’re currently competing in the Fall Open. This is running through the rest of the weekend. Fans can tune in to see how the latest team to join Rocket League is faring in the split.

Quadrant Rocket League Team Already Playing in RCLS
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