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Matt Pryor
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Fortnite x Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover Leaked With Exclusive PlayStation-Only Style

The Zero Dawn character, Aloy, stands with her bow drawn, pointing her arrow off screen. The Fortnite logo appears in the top corner of the image
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Fortnite Battle Royale’s quest for video game supremacy continues.

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5 saw the most collaborations in the game’s almost four-year history. Epic Games did the unthinkable, establishing partnerships with recognizable video games like Halo, God of War and Street Fighter. Then the developers took the idea even further with movie crossovers including Terminator, Predator and Alien.

Fortnite continues to break barriers between games, and Chapter 2 - Season 6 is no different. Patch v16.20 went live earlier this morning, which allowed leakers to glean more information than usually is available. One of those tidbits included a crossover with the Sony-published video game - Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover

Aloy, the series’s main character, will represent Horizon Zero Dawn in Fortnite’s latest cross-game collaboration. She’ll have a complete set in her honor, which comes with a back bling, emote, loading screen, glider, pickaxe and wrap. Here is the complete Aloy Set and all of the cosmetics included:

  • Aloy (Skin)
  • Blaze Canister (Back Bling)
  • Heart-rizon (Emote)
  • Aloy the Skywatcher (Loading Screen)
  • Glinthawk (Glider)
  • Aloy’s Spear (Harvesting Tool)
  • Shield-Weaver (Wrap)

PlayStation-Only “Ice Hunter” Style

A second style of the Aloy skin was also leaked not long after the initial revelation. The “Ice Hunter” version is available only to Fortnite players on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Epic Games will host an Aloy Cup on those two platforms, where participants can unlock the PlayStation Exclusive with a high tournament placement. Players who fail to collect the style through that tournament can purchase Ice Hunter Aloy later. Stay tuned to ESTNN for a more comprehensive breakdown of the Aloy Cup.

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There’s no stopping Epic Games in their journey to bring every conceivable character into Fortnite Battle Royale. The Horizon Zero Dawn crossover is yet another ripple in the larger pond of this iconic Battle Royale game.


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