Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2, Adds New Skins

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Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2, Adds New Skins

With this week’s Fortnite patch, we’ve seen the return of one of the most hype crossovers ever to hit a Battle Royale, Fortnite X Dragon Ball is back for round two!

The latest patch of Fortnite dropped a few new features for the season, like fresh Fortnite Augments, but the big event is the latest crossover. This is a continuation of last year’s Fortnite X Dragon Ball update. It’s back for a second batch of skins, with even more content.

This time around, there are skins of fan-favorite characters, each with unique transformations. There’s also in-game content, though and a new Fortnite Chapter 4 Mythic!

Whether you’re buying skins or just hoping to complete a round without getting your face melted by a Kamehameha, you’ll need to know what’s changed. This is everything new in the Fortnite X Dragon Ball round 2 crossover!

Fortnite X Dragon Ball

The second batch of crossover content is here for Fortnite X Dragon Ball Super! This batch of content follows up from last year’s original crossover. That brought two bundles of skins and cosmetics to the game, Goku, Beerus, Bulma, and Vegeta. That was alongside quests and two in-game items. Notably absent from that initial batch, though were two fan-favorite characters; they’re the focus of this content drop’s new skins.

Fortnite X Dragon Ball – New Skins and Cosmetics

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2 - Son Gohan

A big part of the new crossover is our two new skin bundles. This brings Gohan and Piccolo into the game. Both characters are widely popular in Dragon Ball. They’ve not been featured as heavily in Super, but the latest movie addressed this. The versions of the characters depicted in-game look fairly close to their appearances in this latest movie! Although, Dragon Ball isn’t too well known for massive character redesigns! These are the new cosmetics:

  • Son Gohan Skin
  • Gohan’s cape Back Bling (Locked to Gohan skin)
  • Gohan Beast Axe Pickaxe
  • Capsule No. 576 Glider
  • Piccolo Skin
  • Piccolo’s Cape and Turban Back Bling (Locked to Piccolo skin)
  • Piccolo’s Handheld House Pickaxe
  • Red Ribbon Army Aircraft Glider
  • Loading Screen if you purchase both bundles
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Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2 - Piccolo

The two skins do contain one of the coolest features of past Dragon Ball crossovers, in-built transformations! Both of these skins are capable of transforming mid-game to a different cosmetic version of the skin, recreating the transformations that have been such a big part of Dragon Ball. Although, you don’t get the power boost that should come with Super Saiyan!

The Transformations

The Piccolo skin can transform using the charging-up emote into the “Power Awakening” version of the character. This one has lighter coloring. Gohan can also power up through a charging emote. He can access his Super Saiyan form.

Notably absent, though are his newest Gohan and Piccolo forms. This batch of Fortnite X Dragon Ball content seems to draw heavily from the latest movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. This film introduced the two new transformations, but beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo aren’t included in this crossover. Their absence is strange, especially considering the Red Ribbon Glider that’s included definitely seems pulled from that film. However, it might have something to do with fitting those designs into the typical Fortnite hitboxes. The hair for Gohan might have especially made for some weird headshots.

Dragon Ball x Fortnite In-Game Content

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2 - Kamehameha

Those are the new skin collections for the Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover’s second round. There are some in-game changes coming too though. The game is getting the Dragon Ball content from Chapter 3 back!

The game will feature the Kamehameha Mythic item, and the Nimbus Cloud. The Kamehameha is an item where the user is launched up into the air before unleashing a massive beam attack at players. They drop from the sky in capsule form but only have three uses.

The Nimbus or Kintoun is a reskin of the glider redploy. Players are launched up into the air and they then get to glide for a while using the Nimbus. This is a great rotation tool and has been missed in the intervening months. Both of these items are going to be in the loot pool for a little while longer to celebrate the new collaboration.

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This is all returning in the Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover. You’re going to be able to find them in both Zero Builds and Battle Royale. There will only be a few of these items in the early part of the game. However, as each match grows closer to its end, more and more capsules will spawn. This is probably going to mean beam struggles dominating the late game for the next few weeks! Surprisingly, the Deku Smash Mythic is staying in the game too. We’ve got two different Shonen attacks fighting for power in Fortnite’s matches right now!

Dragon Ball Adventure Island Returns

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2 - Creative Map

Alongside the other content, there’s the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Creative Island making a return! This was previously featured in the last crossover. It’s a creative map consisting of a hub world, Goku’s House, Kami’s Palace, the Room of Spirit and Time, and Beerus’ Planet.

Each different area has quests for you to complete to obtain the Dragon Balls. They’re also a really cool recreation of some of the franchises’ most iconic locales. Players can even compete in Dragon Ball item-only 1-v-1s at the Tenkaichi Budokai, to find the strongest fighter under the heavens.

This creative map is important for completing some of the Fortnite Chapter 4 weekly quests for the event. Getting through these will yield some XP, but also free cosmetics. You can get the Gohan Beast Spray and Orange piccolo Spray here! They’re only sprays, but it’s good to see some representation of Dragon Ball’s newest forms in the game. It’s hard to turn down a free Fortnite cosmetic of any kind too!

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2 - Fortnite Sprays

That’s everything that’s changed with the new Fortnite X Dragon Ball crossover. This is pretty meaty for a second round coming so quickly after the first. Although, if you’re not a fan of the large-scale mythic attacks then you might want to avoid Battle Royale for a few weeks!

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Round 2, Adds New Skins
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