Fortnite: Where to Hire Characters in Chapter 3

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Fortnite: Where to Hire Characters in Chapter 3

ESTNN guides Fortnite players through hiring and traveling with an NPC to complete The Foundation Quest. 

Yesterday marked the debut of The Rock’s in-game debut as an unlockable character. The character — The Foundation — appeared somewhat unexpectedly in the finale event of Fortnite Chapter 2. Following the Island flip, he became a Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass member. 

After a lengthy wait, The Foundation Quests have arrived. You’ll need to complete them if you hope to unlock the cosmetics available. One of these Quests requires players to hire a character while in-game. Only a few non-player characters (NPCs) allow you to purchase their services. 

Today, ESTNN explains which NPCs are hireable and maps out where you can locate them. The information below will help you complete the Quest and unlock a decorative wrap.

Where to Hire Characters in Chapter 3

The Fortnite Chapter 3 map, showing the locations of NPCs marked with an icon

NPCs first debuted in Chapter 2, and the concept survived the change to Chapter 3. You can find several recognizable Fortnite characters roaming set areas around the map. Each offers different perks—one of which is to hire them as a teammate. For 95 gold, one of 11 characters will follow you around the map and help eliminate your opponents. 

The concept is not as helpful as it seems but necessary for this Quest—the map above per Fortnite.GG shows where you can find all 11 hireable NPCs. 

Here is a complete list of those NPCs and where you can find them on the current map:

  • Agent Jones #1 — Seven Outpost I (Southwest of Greasy Grove)
  • Agent Jones #2 — Seven Outpost II (Northwest of Logjam Lumberyard)
  • Agent Jones #3 — Seven Outpost III (Northeast of The Daily Bugle)
  • Agent Jones #4 — Seven Outpost IV (Southeast of Chonker’s Speedway)
  • Lt. John Llama — Llama Homestead (Southwest of Logjam Lumberyard)
  • Cuddlepool — Camp Cuddle
  • Galactico — Tilted Towers
  • Jonesy The First — The Joneses
  • Brainiac — The Joneses
  • Shanta — Southeast of Condo Canyon
  • The Visitor — Launchpad (Northeast of Sanctuary)
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Tips & Strategies

Upon hiring the NPC, the challenge requires you to travel 1,000 meters. That’s easily accomplished since the NPCs are good at following rotations. One strategy worth considering is to land on a pair of Spider-Man Web Shooters, head to one of the locations above, hire an NPC and run away from the character. You could also hire an NPC and take a Rift to fly across the map. 

Either way, you’ll eventually see that you completed the challenge and receive a Foundation-themed Wrap. You can apply the Wrap to any weapons or use it as your boat skin. Those that finish this Quest and the remaining four on page one will unlock page two, where more challenges await. 

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 concludes on March 19. At that time, The Foundation Quests will no longer be available. Make sure that you take advantage while you can before it’s too late. 

Check back with ESTNN for more Fortnite news and updates throughout Chapter 3 and beyond!

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