Fortnite V21.20 Hotfix Update Patch Notes and Summer Event

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Fortnite V21.20 Hotfix Update Patch Notes and Summer Event

Fortnite is in the midst of the FNCS for this season, but the game is still getting plenty of regular updates. Arriving just after the much-maligned Charge Shotgun and the Indiana Jones skin, the Fortnite V21.20 hotfix update has brought back an old gun now too!

It’s also made some minor changes to the game, including some POIs and weapons. This is everything that’s changed in the Fortnite V21.20 hotfix update. 

Fortnite V21.20 Update Patch Notes

Combat AR

Fortnite V21.20 Hotfix Update

This new gun is the latest to drop back in with the recent update. The Combat AR is a faster firing weapon in the AR spectrum. It doesn’t have the power of the Striker Burst, but it does sit somewhere closer to an SMG. The Combat AR was originally introduced at the tail end of Chapter 2. It had a chance to come back via voting last season but lost out to the more popular MK.

The Combat AR occupies a bit of a unique niche, being a faster firing gun, but it is quite close to this season’s newer AR. It isn’t going to do much to break the Striker meta in the game right now, though. It hasn’t received any major changes, so it likely wouldn’t be very high on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 weapons tier list. Although, it’s nice to have more variety and it likely suits some players who don’t want to play into the SMG spray meta.

Bargain Bin Weekend – Sale Event

Fortnite V21.20 Hotfix Update

There has been a sale announced in the Fortnite v21.20 hotfix update patch notes! The bargain bin weekend is going to be slashing prices. In-game purchases from NPCs like exotic weapons or prop transformations are going to be discounted while the event is going on.

It will be running from July 15 at 9 AM ET and concluding at the same time, July 18. This is going to be a fun chance to take advantage of some of the more niche options for NPCs!

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Most players probably make use of exotics from time to time. However, revealing future storm circles, hiring NPCs as companions, and prop transformations are often overlooked! This could be the perfect time to try to grab a creative Victory Royale with some of these unique options.

Zero Build Arena Fortnite V21.20

Fortnite V21.20 Hotfix Update

With the hotfix update, Epic also made an announcement or sorts with a Zero Build Arena blog post. Zero Build Arena mode is going to be launching, with unique rewards! This is going to be a trial run of Zero Builds, but if it's popular it might stay on as a permanent mode. These are the key points:

  • Zero Build Trios Arena is launching
  • It’ll run from July 12 to August 30
  • It has a separate leaderboard and divisions. Games here don’t affect your rank in regular Arena.
  • Loot pool starts off the same as normal No Builds, not the standard competitive loot pool.

Some details of this like the loot pool are definitely going to make it better than it could have been. The competitive loot pool right now is very low mobility, which would make things difficult in Zero Builds. Although, it’ll be strange to see some of Fortnite’s more out-there items, like the Port-A-Forts in Arena games.

The Zero Builds Arena mode is going to have some exclusive rewards on offer for players. You will receive these as a reward for leveling up through the zero builds ranks. These are the prizes:

  • Drippy Drift Spray – Getting 400 Hype
  • GGG Emote – Reaching Contender league
  • GOATICON Emote – Getting to Champion League

Map Changes in Fortnite V21.20 Hotfix Update

A few minor map changes have come with the most recent update of Fortnite. These currently are a bit unfinished though! It looks like something is under construction.


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These are related to the No-Sweat Summer event. We’ll likely see it finished as the season moves into high gear soon.

A new reality tree has also made an appearance in-game. This one is growing at Sleepy Sound. It could mean some more changes to that POI as the season develops.

 Weapon Changes in Fortnite V21.20 Hotfix Update

Epic doesn’t give full patch notes for updates that include stat changes anymore. Looking at the files, we usually get a good idea of the adjustments that they’ve made. There have been some small changes in the Fortnite V2.20 hotfix update. These aren’t too game-changing, but they’re tweaking the shotgun balance for the season. These are the changes:

  • Striker Pump – Body damage reduced by 1
  • Striker Burst AR – Max range reduced by 2
  • Port-A-Fort – Stack size reduced from 5 to 2.
  • Two-Shot Shotgun – Fire increased by 3

Each of these stat changes applies to all rarities. While they have different base stacks, the change is uniform across the guns.

When is the Fortnite V21.20 Update?

Fortnite V21.20 hotfix wasn’t the biggest update, so it’s understandable if you’re wondering when the next big update for the game is going to be. We can expect the main summer event for Fortnite to start getting close sometime soon. The most recent update has begun to see changes made that should be reflected in the next big event. There are even rumors of a Stranger Things crossover event in the meantime.

Fortnite V21.30 is expected to drop next Tuesday, the 19/20th of July. However, we’re not completely sure if this will be the start of the event. With a new POI under construction, though, we can probably expect it to start off sooner than later.

Typically, summer events for Fortnite have unique challenges to earn cosmetics and extra XP for getting through the Battle Pass. Be sure to keep an eye out as we get closer to the new event launching in-game!

Fortnite V21.20 Hotfix Update Patch Notes and Summer Event
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