Fortnite: Sceptic Rejoins Misfits Gaming, Organization Looks To Expand Roster

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Fortnite: Sceptic Rejoins Misfits Gaming, Organization Looks To Expand Roster

Sceptic returns to Misfits Gaming, where is Fortnite career began.

Esports organization Misfits Gaming (MSF) began its Fortnite endeavor in 2018, eventually acquiring marquee names like Cody “Clix” Conrod, Sardar “ops” Ghafoor and Zach “Spades” Gifford. Misfits remained a top brand in competitive Fortnite for quite some time but slowly dropped off recently. The organization no longer has a European roster after releasing its final EU player, Endre “Endretta” Byre, this past July. Additionally, Misfits Gaming saw its biggest star Clix leave for NRG Esports. The MSF Fortnite roster remained in limbo for the bulk of 2020 after Clix left the organization. It seems Misfits is trending toward a Fortnite resurgence after signing a Fortnite content creator, who had previously spent nearly a full year under their banner.

Sceptic joins Misfits Gaming once again

Fortnite content creator Griffin “Sceptic” Spikoski announced today that he re-signed with Misfits Gaming. The former Fortnite World Cup Finalist first joined Misfits in August 2018 and left in July 2019 shortly after the popular Battle Royale title’s $30 million worldwide showdown. Misfits Gaming welcomed back Sceptic officially on Twitter earlier today.

Sceptic’s Fortnite career has seemingly come full circle. After leaving Misfits in July 2019, another esports organization – Luminosity Gaming – added the 16-year-old as a content creator. He spent seven months as a member of LG before parting ways with the organization in May. Sceptic then joined Team Whistle as an Esports Ambassador, promising to engage further with his fanbase while growing his brand. He now circles back to where he started when he qualified for the Fortnite World Cup with Misfits Gaming.

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Sceptic to announce Misfits Academy participants

Misfits Gaming is wasting no time after signing Sceptic. They already involved him in the recently announced Misfits Academy project. Like FaZe Clan’s #FaZe5 competition, Misfits Academy will give promising talents within the gaming atmosphere a chance to sign with the organization. The rejoining Sceptic will announce the 60 players moving on to stage two of the competition tomorrow on his Twitch stream. Misfits Academy seems to be aiming at Fortnite players, so it will be exciting to see what talents come out of this competition.

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