Fortnite: Pro Player Threatens Physical Harm Over FNCS Drop Spot Drama

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Fortnite: Pro Player Threatens Physical Harm Over FNCS Drop Spot Drama

Professional Fortnite Battle Royale player “Paper” made threats toward an opposing team over a drop spot dispute.

Tensions hit an all-time high during this weekend’s Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Semi-Finals. The NA East region was responsible for most of what occurred. From the Twitter scene targeting Bizzle over a poor performance to NRG Ronaldo calling out BBG Calc for “griefing” his team’s tournament chances. Anyone looking for some drama did not have to look far.

However, a conflict between players in Heat A materialized over drop spot drama. A long-time professional player known as Paper chose an ill-advised path in response to a group of players allegedly attempting to “grief” his team’s tournament. Paper made some serious threats, and some are wondering how Epic will handle the situation.

Paper Threatens Opponents in Twitch Chat & Tweets

Twitter user dicesna screen captured the many harmful words sent out by Paper on Twitch and Twitter. In an unknown stream chat, the FNCS Semi-Finalist stated, “Im going to find where they live and beat them until they can never touch thier [sic] keyboard again.”

This sort of threat is undoubtedly in violation of many rules, both related to Fortnite and otherwise. The conflict boiled over to Twitter, where Paper continued hurling insults at the team of Sharkman, Enquz and fearfll, who were also trying to qualify for the Season 6 Finals out of Heat A. The now-deleted tweet included some ethically questionable words, including Paper telling the trio to “get hit by a 160mph bus.”

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Discipline in Fortnite

This sort of behavior has unfortunately become standard practice in the competitive Fortnite scene. With a generally younger demographic, competitors tend to have no filter and often suffer little to no consequences. Epic Games has recently stepped up its rule enforcement, leading to discipline outside of Fortnite.

One story worth mentioning, in this case, is the ongoing situation between Fortnite’s developers and popular player Cody “Clix” Conrod. After sending out a tweet that Epic deemed inappropriate, the company has since revoked Clix’s Support-A-Creator Code and scrubbed his name from featured Creative maps. Despite his efforts, Clix has had no luck reaching common ground with Epic amidst the chaos.

Since the situation between Paper and the rival team unfolded, no reported punishment has occurred. Instead, Paper and his teammates – kwah and Elite Neeqo – prepare to endure the always-entertaining Reboot Round after finishing Heat A in 17th place. We’ll have to see what transpires from Paper’s threats toward other competitors.

UPDATE – Epic Bans Paper, Neeqo and kwah from FNCS Season 6

Shortly after publishing this story, Paper’s teammate Neeqo confirmed that Epic Games has taken action against the trio. Based on a violation of rule number 8.1.2, which references respect toward players, event administrators, spectators and sponsors, the team relinquished their privilege to compete in the FNCS Reboot Round. Paper has not responded to Epic’s discipline against him as of this update.

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UPDATE 2 – Paper Hit with “Indefinite” Twitch Ban

After Epic Games disqualified Paper’s team from the FNCS Reboot Round, he went live on Twitch, expressing no regret about his actions. At 3:30 AM on May 24, Paper revealed that he’s been banned from Twitch. While there’s no reasoning as to why, it’s safe to assume that his actions on the website from earlier in the weekend caused this outcome.

He may be able to appeal the ban, but the despair remains for someone whose stream was his primary source of income.

Stay tuned to ESTNN for more on this developing story.

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