Fortnite: Bizzle Draws Uncecessary Hate As He, Clix & Bugha Lose FNCS Sweaty Sands Showdown

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Fortnite: Bizzle Draws Uncecessary Hate As He, Clix & Bugha Lose FNCS Sweaty Sands Showdown

Bizzle, Bugha and Clix disappointingly end the FNCS Semi-Finals, and Twitter aims at the Fortnite veteran.

Fortnite Battle Royale veteran Timothy “FaZe Bizzle” Miller is an accomplished player in the game’s illustrious four-year history. He’s won high-level tournaments such as the Secret Skirmish in 2019 and secured a respectable 28th place finish at the inaugural Fortnite World Cup. Despite his impressive track record, Fortnite’s Twitter community has directed unwarranted blame toward Bizzle amidst FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6. Many professional players laid blame on Bizzle for allegedly causing his trio to exit the competition prematurely.

Bizzle Endures Hate for Spawn Fights

The hate train began three weeks ago as Bizzle, Fortnite World Cup Champion Kyle “SEN Bugha” Giersdorf and Cody “NRG Clix” Conrod engaged rival NA East team Tahi, Sprite and Gabe in a slew of spawn fights at the Sweaty Sands point of interest (POI). Bizzle, Bugha and Clix struggled mightily, losing their off-spawn battles. The heat died down for a few weeks leading up to this weekend’s FNCS Semi-Finals. Although the talented collection of players fell to Tahi, Spire and Gabe consistently, they planned not to change their drop spot.

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That decision proved fatal in the grand scheme of Bizzle, Bugha and Clix’s Fortnite Champion Series run. The hate toward Bizzle elevated to another level during Heat B of the FNCS Semi-Finals as his trio once again lost their crucial spawn fights at Sweaty Sands.

Bizzle, Bugha and Clix Lose in the Semi-Finals and Insults Follow

Game one of the Semi-Finals set a misleading precedent for Bizzle, Bugha and Clix, who proceeded to fight Tahi, Sprite and Gabe in the next four matches. Bizzle and company compiled just four points over that period, ultimately dropping four spawn fights in a row. Despite Fortnite being a team effort, the Twitter scene went into full blame mode, targeting Bizzle once again.

Top Fortnite player and FNCS Season 6 Finalist Leon “BBG Khanada” Khim, who has a long-running rival with Bugha, jumped on the hate train against the trio. He called out Bugha’s aim and Bizzle’s mechanics and awareness as the NA East trio became a focal point on Twitter. For the second time in three weeks, Bizzle’s name trended worldwide on the platform.

Fellow Professional Players Rally Behind Bizzle

The slander became a significant storyline in the penultimate weekend of the FNCS. It was not all slander, though. Many fellow professionals rallied behind Bizzle, including Fortnite veteran and previous Axe of Champions holder, Rocco “TrainH Saf” Morales, who tweeted a response to the hate directed at Bizzle.

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“bizzle is prob [sic] the only person in the com that could take all this shit and still play everyday, everyone tweeting at him/hating for impressions would cry if this were to happen to them get a grip,” he wrote. It seems that Bizzle is the easy target, with many insults revolving around his age. At just 23-years-old, the current FaZe Clan member has achieved more than most aspiring or current professional players could imagine.

Bizzle Responds … Sort of

After completing six matches in the Semi-Finals, Bizzle chose the high road, tweeting simply, “GGs,” as Twitter exploded with criticism. Unfortunately, he, Bugha and Clix exited the FNCS Chapter 2 – Season 6 competition in underwhelming fashion. They landed in 31st with only 18 points after an unlucky stretch of games against the ultra-talented Tahi, Sprite and Gabe, who also failed to qualify and will need to fight through the Reboot Round tomorrow.

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