Fortnite: Clix Creative Maps To Be Renamed As Epic’s Punishment Continues

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Fortnite: Clix Creative Maps To Be Renamed As Epic’s Punishment Continues

Clix’s name will no longer appear in featured Creative Fortnite maps.

Professional Fortnite Battle Royale player Cody “Clix” Conrod is in hot water once again with Epic Games after losing his Support-A-Creator code earlier this week over an inappropriate tweet.

Today, the growing turmoil between Clix and Epic Games elevated to another level. The 16-year-old, who possesses a strong presence in Fortnite’s Creative scene, reported that Epic requested that map creators remove his name from all featured maps. It seems Epic Games is attempting to distance themselves from the Twitch star in more than one capacity.

Clix’s Tweet Regarding the Situation

It’s not uncommon to see “Clix Box Fights” in Fortnite’s Creative Hub, especially considering the map’s popularity. While Creative map builder Pandvil’s creations will still appear in the hub, they’ll no longer sport Clix’s name. The Twitch star took to Twitter with his reaction.

“Fortnite told Pandvil the creator of all my maps to change the name of them because they can't have “Clix” in any featured maps anymore. What the f***.”

The punishment comes mere days after Clix lost his Creator Code, an in-game program that monetarily benefits Fortnite personalities. He followed up his initial tweet with another.

“not hatin [sic] on fortnite whatsoever, just disappointed that aftet years of everyone using my boxfight maps its just gone and changed to someone elses name.”

Clix vs. Epic Games

The back-and-forth between Clix and Epic goes further back than last week. A few months ago, the 16-year-old aimed some insults at the company’s Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard. Clix eventually removed the tweet. Epic then informed Clix that he would be banned from Fortnite if he continued participating in wager matches.

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His relationship with the developers has been tumultuous since. After losing his SAC code and now having his name removed from many popular Creative maps, there’s no telling what could follow.

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, but it seems Epic Games is making an example of Clix. We’ll have to wait and see how the next weeks unfold. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more on this developing story.

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