Best 5 Fortnite Only Up Map Codes – Play Only Up in Fortnite

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Best 5 Fortnite Only Up Map Codes – Play Only Up in Fortnite

Want to get involved with the biggest trending creative map right now? These Fortnite Only Up map codes are the best way to play Only Up in Fortnite.

One of the biggest breakout hits of 2023 has been Only Up. It’s a viral game with a simple premise, platform your way upwards. While the game has this simple premise and become a big hit, kind of like Dave the Diver or similar simple and fun Steam titles this year. What if you want to play Only Up in Fortnite though? There’s a special game mode in creative which has become nearly as big of a hit.

The Fortnite Only Up map code has almost been as popular as the original game! Major Fortnite streamers like NickEh30 have become obsessed with the game. They’re going for records, and spending more time mastering these mechanics than trying to win games of Battle Royale in Fortnite. If you want to get involved with all the fun, you’ll need the Fortnite Only Up map code. The method for how to play Only Up in Fortnite is really simple.

Like other game modes, this has become a big part of Creative. You can find nearly as much of the Fortnite player base in this mode as the standard battle Royale. With the launch of Unreal Editor for Fortnite, there are now more tools than ever for making maps. Players have already made quite a few different Fortntie Only Up maps too.

If you want to play this version of the game, this is how you can do it.

How to Play Only Up in Fortnite Map

Fortnite Only Up Map Codes

The Fortnite Only Up map mode is just like any other Creative map. You can find it by inputting the island code into the game and loading the map on up. There are different Fortnite Only Up Map Codes, but the main one that players have latched onto as the most iconic title is called Only Up Fortnite. This is how you can play it.

How to Open the Fortnite Only Up Map Code

  • Head to Creative
  • Open the Discovery Tab
  • Find Island Code
  • Enter the code (4366-9611-6988)

That’s how you can jump into the main Fortnite Only Up map. It’s a game mode where quite a few players can be in the same lobby at once, so you can still play with friends and try to race up to the top of the map in time! In random fill you’ll get just about anyone in your game, you might even run into someone using admin codes for some reason.

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How to Win Fortnite Only Up

Just like the standard Only Up game, there’s an easy goal to the Fortnite Only Up map code. You need to climb to the very top of the map. However, if you fall you could plummet all the way to the base of the map. The game has different locales in the climb upward. You’ll probably even recognise some POIs from the Fortnite map over the years as you climb up.

The start of Fortnite Only Up is Dusty Depot, a classic spot from the OG Fortnite map. The rest of the climb up for Fortnite Only Up is actually designed to tell the story of Season 1 of the game.

If you want to make it to the very top, there are a few things to keep in mind along with knowing how to play Only Up in Fortnite. The first is that it all depends on your movement skills in Fortnite. You’ll want to have your Fortnite settings set up to give you more responsive controls. You’re platforming, not shooting. Use the right sensitivities for this.

Another thing is how crowded the lobby can be in the Fortnite Only Up map code. At the start of a match, players will be trampling on each other. This can be difficult for brand-new participants. However, if you’re watching a player who knows what they’re doing following the pack can give you a good idea of what to do if you want to make it to the top. This is a trade-off. If you’re going for a good time, playing it alone is probably easier. Joining in with a larger lobby can be a good way to get the hang of the route upwards though. You might pick up some shortcuts watching other players.

Is Fortnite Only Up Free?

The Fortnite Only Up map is just another game mode created in Creative. This means it’s easy for anyone to jump in and play as long as they have Fortnite downloaded. It’s free. Just like every Creative experience, you can do the entire game without spending any money. You’ll see players showing off their best Fortnite skins, but if you’re happy playing as a default you can play completely for free.

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What’s the Best Fortnite Only Up Map Codes?

The main Fortnite Only Up Code is above. If you want a bit more variety though, these are a few of the more popular Fortnite Only Up codes that you can play.

Fortnite Only Up

Fortnite Only Up Map Codes

  • Map Code – 4366-9611-6988

This is the primary Fortnite Only Up map code. It’s the one that’s become so popular for everyone. This is a standard platforming map built around Season 1 and probably one that you’ll see the most players taking part alongside you on the way up. This is the main method for how to play Only Up in Fortnite, it’s not the only one though.

Only Up 2 Map

Fortnite Only Up Map Codes

  • Map Code – 9056-7343-5884

This is another take on the same premise. It has a different layout of obstacles and platforms for you to climb up. If you get bored with the standard map, then this one is a nice alternative to break things up. Aside from having a different layout, it isn’t a crazy difference from the original. It has a decent number of players involved too.

Only Down

Fortnite Only Up Map Codes

  • Map Code – 1854-3531-7184

This one is a new take on the same idea. Rather than climbing up, you’re trying to climb down! There’s still the danger of falling to your death and starting again. However, you’ll need to be careful as you descend down the various layers here. The game has a similar hard difficulty as the standard Only Up but it’s still a lot of fun.

Only Up Chapter 2

Fortnite Only Up Map Codes

  • Map Code – 1642-0360-3864

This map is like the other Fortnite Only Up map codes, but it’s set in a different Chapter. Instead of being themed around the very first season, instead, it’s based on the second Chapter of Fortnite. Just like the others you’re climbing up through various levels of obstacles. It’s things from Chapter 2 and representations of its POIs this time.

Only Up Time Travel

Fortnite Only Up Map Codes

  • Map Code – 5264-1761-9807

This one of the Fortnite Only Up Map Codes isn’t based on a single season or anything. Instead, it’s a 10,000-meter climb through various eras of History. This is a fun way to have different levels and decorations across the maps. It adds a lot of variety as you’re climbing. It’s going to be a much more entertaining ride compared to just generic items on your way there.

Those are some of the best Fortnite Only Up map codes. How to play Fortnite Only Up is simple too. Any of these are great places to jump in and try to climb all the way to the top.

Best 5 Fortnite Only Up Map Codes – Play Only Up in Fortnite
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