Fortnite: Leaks Confirm Ant-Man As Next Cross-Over

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Fortnite: Leaks Confirm Ant-Man As Next Cross-Over

Ant-Man is the next hunter in Season 5.

Fortnite’s Chapter 2 – Season 5 collaboration train rolls on as Epic Games and the entire fandom prepares for next season. However, this season of Fortnite has been nothing short of spectacular. The different universes that Epic has managed to work with are nothing short of impressive. Fortnite fans have witnessed characters from Alien, Halo, Terminator, GI Joe, Street Fighter, Predator, God of War and much more in the last three months alone. These crossovers speak to the reach of Epic’s legendary Battle Royale title and the ability to get people buying.

Season 5 is winding down, but the developers aren’t quite finished yet. Many leaks today have confirmed that Marvel Comics superhero Ant-Man will be joining the world of Fortnite.

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Ant-Man Leak and Confirmation

The game’s proverbial mascot John “Jonesy” Jones, has spent the last three months pulling various “hunters” from different worlds to help contain the massive Zero Point portal located in the center of this season’s map. That gave Epic the green light to introduce these characters into Fortnite. Several leakers, including ShiinaBR, can confirm that Ant-Man is next in line. The portal image in the tweet above makes it evident that this is from an ant’s perspective. A follow-up tweet by the same Twitter user confirmed the long-rumored appearance of Marvel’s most unlikely hero.

When can you Purchase Ant-Man?

Epic Games does not typically take long to release skins after these portals appear in-game. The Alien Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley notably hit the Item Shop the day after leaks began. It’s challenging to say when though, and we won’t know until Epic officially announces the collaboration from their side. All we can say is that you can expect to see Ant-Man soon.

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